Do you guys give any replies to the question that have been asked??? I tried so many times and you never responds...that is really kind of sad! Ok, one more try is Esteem App also able to connect to the internal market of How can we trade SBD to Steem???

Internal trading is not functional yet, it is in our backlog of todo things. We will implement this in near future to both eSteem Surfer and eSteem Mobile.

very nice smileys, can use without installation?

Very good information my friend is very fond of your information my friend is very fond of whatever you make @esteemapp

I salute you @good-karma , who keeps thinking about the development of the app for more perfect,,,
But in recent months #esteem application users have been less interested, and many have moved from #esteem,
Are you @good-karma ever thinking of this ,,,? Are you no more trying to better maintain #esteem users rather than updating the app for more sophisticated ...?

we are working on two fronts now, eSteem Surfer which is receiving weekly updates and eSteem Mobile which is going through some structural changes in code base so we can test it for better performance...

this app. is more developed & easy to use.
I always use it to post.

love you @esteemapp
resteemed this post

hello steemians, share a link in someone else's comment field it can be considered spam.

you should learn the basic rules of steemit!! Thanks

Thank you for this information. I have to check it out and how it works. It´s good to be informed about news. Keep up your great work. Resteemed.

esteem is now a highly developed and useful application thanks esteem, very useful information @esteemapp

hello steemians, share a link in someone else's comment field it can be considered spam.

you should learn the basic rules of steemit !!

I like and I will always write esteem and esteemapp

I love this app.
I open my id with similarity to it's name..
love you @esteemapp
love you @good-karma

We really appreciate your team's efforts to improve this application to make it more perfect. Thank you @esteemapp & @good-karma

good information @good-karma. God bless who created the esteem app and kudos to you guys

thank you @good-karma, Very useful for the information,
I have aprove you as a witness and esteem is an application that I always use every post ...👍

this app. is more developed & easy to use.
I always use it to post.

The best app I use in posting and it saves my time,I love this app,I really understand publishing a post through esteem app to publishing through steemit itself.
God bless who created the esteem app and kudos to you guys

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Wow thank you for sharing this info. I thought its only for moblie app. I will try to do it.

great, helpful for surfer user .

A awesome post

@esteemapp thanks for the development of such a useful app. It's been of tremendous use and help for my STEEM blockchain journey. My warmest personal regards to the team who developed the app both for mobile and PC. KUDOS!

understand me

Thanks for ths! Now I can quit asking my kids to do my updates for me.😁 You told me quite clearly how to do it all!😘

if you updated to 1.0.5 version, from now on updates are pretty much automated, you will receive notification within app if there is new release and you can choose to install that with one click. :)

Good to know! Still hoping for a version for my Chromebook or the web version!! My laptop is so slow that I avoid using it!

Good night steemit friends wherever you are ... On this occasion I will try to discuss about the dangers of bitcoin. As cited by the international financial institutions of the international monetary fund (IMF) in recent days ...
where the IMF provides information that we should be careful with this currency because it has no legal certainty and is also vulnerable to fraud and keeps a negative risk to the financial system itself. how not, with its form of digital assets, cryptocurrency is easily misused for the crime of the financial system such as money laundering crime.

besides, the lack of a clear system, makes cryptocurrency vulnerable to malfunction that ultimately harms people who use this instrument.

In this case Andrian one of the employees explained:
"Crypto assets have potential for financial crime (fraud), security breaches and operational failures," he explained.

for that, Adrian said, governments and policymakers in various countries should begin to establish a clear policy related to cryptocurrency so that potential problems that will arise in the future can be prevented.

so for comrades who have already bought digital assets bitcoin or the like to be careful .... And who has not bought should undo your intention, before you regret in the future ...


No doubt the app is wonderful. I am using the desktop version. I was about to develop my own app because I missed so many features on Steemit. Glad I found this app before I started. To get everyone involved I have even written some posts on the features I like and use most.

What kind of bugs me is:
You write a great manual on installing, which is very helpful, many people got a little worried when the operation systems started to display warnings for bad software. But why o why are you using the github screenshot of version 1.0.3 while 1.0.5 has been released already and doesn't use the exact same filenames? This can confuse people again.

Tipuvote! :)

Wow I am back and Ready. So I can get an app online about Steemit. I'm downloading one now

i have installed esteem on my pc but i can not find and use its, this app as in block by defense system on my windows pc

Can you share some details here or on our Discord, moderators will follow up with this issue? Thank you!

Good information for us. Thank you @esteemapp it is too good estem-tip useful for us. Salam from @alfajri78

A small suggestion coming from somebody who is not really computer minded.

So last week I wanted to download the desktop version...and coming into the .exe ... .zip tar.gz , .rpm options kind of made my brain not wanting to install anything.

Maybe it would be good to rename these newby-friendly? Just a user suggestion!

We have section in every release post about which file is for which operating system, I hope it has been helpful...

I did find it in the end, thank you!

Terima kasih #esteem.

I just downloaded to my laptop so it does not open on chrome or mozilla but on it's own? I am glad I have the esteemapp on my cellphone and tablet but I am glad you finally have it on desktop easier for me to type thanks!

great awareness for users

Last night i've installed the esteem-app for my pc. I am success to run it and have made the first posting by esteem app for pc. Before i consistent using esteem, but for Android not pc... Thanks a lot..

thats an awesome animation i check the list of installer files there is no zip file and thats also not working

thank my best friend for his information, and i will try what you have said in your post this and i already understand the writing you post it once again i say thank you so much best friend @esteemapp and convey greetings I make @good-karma

I recently updated and it sure was quite great :)

Great! Atleast I can used Esteemapp even if i'm in my desk. thanks @good-karma. :)

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Thanks good kerma for sharing us new features related to this app. Good work, I will follow you. So that I updated myself related with your news.

No doubt in your content, as you give us useful information. Thanks for sharing this information.
I share your information with mine friends .so they also appreciate your work.
Keep going. ......

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