eSteem Surfer Tips #2. Drafts & Post Scheduling

in #esteem6 years ago (edited)

Loving this app! Thank you for all of the hardwork. Upvoted. =)

How do you know what timezone it is using for the scheduling?

Thanks your amazing tips sir.Very useful post,it will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing sir.

good-karma esteem is more stable and successful. but now it seems less upvote what's up with this project?

thanks for information. we need more support from esteem

Hey, it's great to see so many updates. We can see that you work on eSteem real hard. Did you think about joining Utopian? I believe that everyone would benefit from that. I mean that even your user base could be more engaged in leaving a feedback for you if you are interested in that.

Hey @espoem! We are using Utopian and forwarding every user there to submit feedback and/or issue reports. eSteem Mobile is accessible there and I think eSteem Surfer should also be available to submit feedback

hello @good-karma my dear friend what are you okay, i miss you very much my friend, honestly i want to meet you, not at #esteem aja we are friends, want to meet directly how ya :) 😊

This eSteem Surfer Tips is awesome

esteem update day by day..
thank you for some excellent information..@esteemapp

Thank you for this post

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