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RE: eSteem Surfer Tips #2. Drafts & Post Scheduling

in #esteem6 years ago

Hey, it's great to see so many updates. We can see that you work on eSteem real hard. Did you think about joining Utopian? I believe that everyone would benefit from that. I mean that even your user base could be more engaged in leaving a feedback for you if you are interested in that.


Hey @espoem! We are using Utopian and forwarding every user there to submit feedback and/or issue reports. eSteem Mobile is accessible there and I think eSteem Surfer should also be available to submit feedback

hello @good-karma my dear friend what are you okay, i miss you very much my friend, honestly i want to meet you, not at #esteem aja we are friends, want to meet directly how ya :) 😊

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