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Creativity is handicapped with the idea that there is one right way to do some things and with the idea that questions have one right answer. Your creativity was stifled at any early age. For example,
most of us allowed our parents to convince us that there is one right way to eat. If you have traveled, you know that, when eating, British people carefully pile food on the curved side of their fork.
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Continental Europeans use their knife right-handed to push food onto their fork, held in the left. Americans, although obsessed with efficiency in other areas, have somehow decided that the right way is to hold the knife in the right hand and the fork in the left while cutting food, and then to put down the knife and transfer the fork to the right before eating. Asian people use efficient chopsticks. African people use their palm to eat.
This one right way theory is strongly reinforced in our educational system, where rigid adherence to multiple-choice tests determines course grades, who graduates, and who goes to college. A
multiple-choice test cannot measure someone’s ability to think creatively. Life doesn’t come with answers laid out for easy selection.
Instead, you will enjoy far greater satisfaction by using the creativepart of your mind to create opportunities for yourself.


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