Returning to eSteem.. was a while

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It was a while ago when I get so enthusiast about #blockchain, then #ethereum, then #steem but preparing a proper post on my computer wasn't comfortable enough for me (because i am always in move and opening my ThinkPad just focusing on work) and mobile applications were in alpha/beta with a lot of bugs back then.
Now i give it a try again.

eSteem test

The disappointment

I almost removed the application after the


Network Error

esteem app error

…then just realised my VPN was blocking it. Would be nice to know more about why, but not now.

Thx @eSteem


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If your VPN is blocking it then, Network error is reasonable message. Because eSteem cannot check if you are using VPN or something else as blocker on your device... at least that's what I think.

I have different security apps on my phone, but turning off the VPN was the solution. One day i will sniff it to reveal the cause.. if i have time/motivation for that ;)