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Recently @good-karma wrote about Top 5 eSteem Surfer features he likes invited for a challenge writing about your favorite functions. eSteem Surfer is a desktop client for Steem. Or you can say it's an interface for Steem working on any Windows, Linux PC or Mac as stand alone application.

Steemit.com is a web interface for Steem. eSteem Surfer is advanced desktop interface for Steem which have a lot of handy features helping you to blog and work on Steem blockchain. It's under heavy development stage serving new features and bug fixes every week. Application grows fast and becomes better and better with each update. I use it daily for last few months writing posts, upvoting others, drafting and doing lot more. Here is my Top 5 of eSteem Surfer features.

1. Drafts

This is one of the best features I love and use daily a lot in Surfer. Real number one for me! Preparing drafts for myself. Sometimes I create few blog posts in a row without posting them right away. Getting back to them to correct, add more info and post later.


One more thing I like about drafts is that they are automatically syncing in between two eSteem Surfers I am working on Macbook Pro and Microfost Suface Pro 2017 Windows tablet PC and it is also synced with eSteem Mobile so I can continue to edit my drafts on the go.

Actually I can not separate Drafts from Schedules. In my oppinion these two functions comes together. Once few drafts are created I can set the time when it will be posted automatically and do other things without worrying about it.

2. Multiaccounts

Daily I am writing a lot of posts for my personal blog as well as writing for @esteemapp and translating that articles into Russian language for @esteemapp.rus eSteem Russian-speaking community.


Quickly switching in between few different accounts is necessary feature for me. In past I was using few different browsers logging in with different accounts there but now I can use only one app to do everything in one place finally!

3. Night Theme

This quick switch into dark theme helps me to save my eyes during evening work. This is something I am dreaming to have in each and every application. Hopefully it would be implemented on OS level in future Windows/Linux/Mac OS releases...


4. Similar Posts

This feature helped me to find really good content suggesting posts in same category. Whenever you read a post in Surfer you can find the row with 3 more or less valuable posts of the same tag you are reading in the end of that post.


I am trying to read and upvote good #art, #illustration, #design and #photography posts and having such a feature is really helpful.

5. Custom Server

Sometimes Steemit is having issues with loading pages, usually it happens on weekend. I suppose this is due to some work/upgrades or fixes applied at their side because people are less active in social networks during weekend usually. But I do use Steem a lot even in Saturday and Sunday and for such a cases when Steemit is down switching the server in settings to another blockchain node helps.


The only thing I am dreaming is that Surfer would be able to switch nodes automatically in future.

There are many more cool features I like and use daily in eSteem Surfer such as bookmarks and favorites, notifications, mentions watch in activities, best posts from any user... And you can write your own top. I believe such a posts would be appreciated a lot by eSteem Community. You won't regret trying eSteem Surfer and writing your own review, believe me :)

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Indeed!!! ♥I love to use Surfer to surf Steem. I started using Surfer from the day it was launched and since then more awesome features are being added weekly.
My 5 features of eSteem Surfer are different 😉

Kudos to the development Team


It's interesting to see your choice, bro!

steemit too has night mode, just saying :P


I know and I use it as well. But have no drafts, schedules and multi accounts features much needed for my way of interacting with the blockchain...


yea, steemit is very bare bones. I just wanted to be cheeky and to point out that night mode is not a unique feature, that's all :)


Yes, probably this the only one not unique feature I love in Surfer but this is more like a design standard these days. Though I really like it and do no understand why lots of famous applications ignores this option...

Hi @dunsky, thank you for sharing your thoughts about Esteem features, you are right it is easy to use, very practical. Only what I miss I esteem is automatic spellchecking. When I type often instead of "the" I type "hte" and "and" it comes up as "adn" in Steemit it shows up red-underlined so I see it immediately and correct. This function I have not found in Esteem, may be it is just switched off? Or is it not existing in the program. WOuld be great to get an answer from one of your, guys, Esteem creators :)


Yeah, I also miss spell checking in Surfer. The only thing I could say that it is planned on the roadmap. But when it will be implemented I don't really know :)

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