This is a scheduled post - how you can schedule posts too with the eSteem app

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Many social networks and blogging platforms have the ability to schedule posts. You can do this on Steemit too, with the eSteem app for android and ios.

This is my first scheduled post. Here's how:

First I went to submit a new story within the eSteem app:


After writing the post I toggled 'Advanced' mode, clicked 'Schedule' and put in the date and time:




Finally I set a time and date to post and clicked the 'Schedule' button in the top right hand corner of the app. If you are reading this an hour later, it works.



I'm having big time problem with the esteem app, I cannot upvote or even post and it's terrible, pls what am I missing?

I believe that it is good-karma who made the app, so you could reach out to him. I'm using it on an old LG android and kindle fire and it works fine.. Though it does lock up if I load too many comments sometimes.

Ok thanks, I will try get to him.

Hey if you still haven't fixed the problem you are having then you should try signing in instead of entering your posting key. That worked for me. :)

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That is sweet. Didn't know that was possible to do. Very helpful

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This is great! I usually get to write my posts at night when i have being able to schedule posts might be my solution. I will give it a try. Thanks for the info! Upvoted & Followed! :0)

Question: What timezone does the eSteem app post your submission? I couldn't tell what timezone the app was based off of.

Actually, no worries. @good-karma responded with it being based on your phone settings

Do you have an idea if any app for ios user ?

Is it possible to schedule posts also from the normal homepage?

not yet I guess. I'd like to see this feature in the normal homepage, too. Guess I will try to develop something for this

You still can't use the normal steemit page, but I developed an application where you can prewrite and save all your content: