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My Short Story Today

Dear my friends all, today I found very romantic photos, I found a little butterfly who was falling in love, on my photo they look so intimate, I see these two butterflies are merging their romance together. following photos that I shot at the beginning of this April:


picture taken by @dapu
Butterflies are falling in love :);

This butterfly I found in a place far from the settlement, a place that is overgrown with weeds and rarely visited by people. and I like a place like that.


picture taken by @dapu

So my post on this day, I apologize if there are words that make you unhappy, because I am still learning in composing words in English, and I'm still learning to make the right English post.

Special Thanks for ;

*Many thank for Aceh Steemit Community (ASC) team ; @anasz, @abudar, @safar01, @hardick-steem, @ekaputri, @arjunmartavela, @marconah, @acehmacro, @atjehblogger79, @azlicr, @putra-arjun, @elmubareki, @barrysteem, @syahhiran, @alkhalid, and other all friends steemit.


`for my ASC friends,` ***have a nice day***

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nothing compares to the beauty of these butterfies! stunning photography :)

Many thanks @rashbash, thank for your time and your comment my friends, glad connect with you..