The reason why a attitude of gratitude is able to open the door of sustenance

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Gratitude is only born from the souls of people who are good at looking "down". For example, when you have one or two flaws, you will still be grateful because there are people who have more deficiencies than you.

Those who like to be grateful both for something big and small, will always be filled with feelings of joy. Then why is gratitude associated with one of the opening doors for sustenance?

Here are 7 reasons that make gratitude the door opener


With gratitude it will make your soul calm down. That calm is what can bring brilliant ideas and achievements

There is no quieter feeling than peace with the past. What you have gone through, then you are grateful for the incident, surely it will give birth to a sense of peace in the heart. Your mind will automatically focus on the targets you want to achieve.

Different again if you curse things that make you not satisfied, even though it has happened. You just waste energy and time. If you have wasted time, how can you be more productive in picking up your fortune?


Be grateful to avoid you from being greedy who can harm your own future

Less grateful can bring you to a consumptive lifestyle that is far from life planning. Even though you should save money or save for future capital because no one knows your future fate.

Furthermore, the example of greed is the proliferation of corruption which is mostly practiced by income earners. Those who are not grateful always feel that their sustenance is lacking and lacking to justify all means for greed.


Be grateful to make your body healthier to pick up success because each bloodstream emits positive energy

You will be free from all the burdens if you always rely on gratitude. The burden of life that is identical with heart dissatisfaction, will gnaw the mind to the point of stress. While stress, can trigger the emergence of various diseases in the body.

Get used to always giving thanks by remembering how many gifts you get rather than one that lacks. With a heart full of gratitude, the body will always be healthy.


Gratitude makes you more motivated to get back up after going through difficulties

You must realize that what has passed, can not be repeated. When trouble hit, you will be difficult to move on if you feel lamented misfortune. Try to look a lot at the outside world where so many people might have trouble living more poignantly than you.

When you are easily grateful by looking positively at all things happen, you will definitely be easier to get back up after the test hit.


Be grateful to influence your mind to remain observant aiming at all opportunities for future success

People who have been accustomed to being grateful for life every day, will always make peace with all circumstances. This condition will make you focus on the positive things that should be achieved.

It's different if you easily give up and lament the events that make you not satisfied. Let alone think clearly, eating alone may not be tasteful.


The more often thankful, the more happy heart and happiness itself is the most beautiful sustenance that money cannot buy

The feeling of happiness itself is the main sustenance in life. When you are grateful, you can feel the feeling of relief, peace and peace in your heart. You can keep smiling even though the difficulty is squeezing you. That is the miracle of gratitude.


God promises to expand sustenance for his servants who want to be grateful

The Creator is very happy with your attitude to be grateful. He is the one who will inspire, strengthen and enable you to pick up sustenance. The more often you are grateful, the wider the door of sustenance that God will bestow on you.

The sustenance does not always have to be in the form of money. You who are given strong physical, loving family, smart children, or caring friends are a very valuable form of sustenance

Hopefully we will always be a person who is always grateful

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