Importancy Of Decentralized Exchanges

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Most probably you've heard about recent Cryptopia hack. Millions worth of funds lost because of the exchange vulnerability. Every year millions even billions worth of crypto get stolen from the centralized exchanges. The best solution to prevent your funds from hackers and trade at the same time is using decentralized exchanges. When you use decentralized exchanges you own your private keys, no central authority can freeze your account, fees are the same for both big and small trades. You can save yourself a lot of money if you trade decentralized exchanges like Waves Dex, Openledger, Barterdex etc. For example if you trade 1000 usd worth of crypto with centralized exchanges you'll pay 1 usd as a fee but with decentralized exchanges no matter if you trade millions worth of crypto or thousands wort of crypto you'll just pay less than a cent. Not all decentralized exchanges are user friendly but there are some recommended decentralized exchanges where you won't feel the difference between decentralized and centralized. At the moment the best decentralized exchanges are Waves Dex, Openledger, Cryptobridge etc.
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