Wow this was three years Ago?

in #esteem5 years ago


Thats me wearing Sunglasses, Unfortunately this was 3 year ago.

Wow, just Wow!

Looking back the memories from facebook, and saw this photo. This waa three years ago, it is also the first time STEEM launched at its first Month. If I only knew Steem at this point, I already helped a thousand people from the power of Steem. But hey, when in regards to this photo and looking it back, I am not that skinny as before. I have an awesome Face, no beard and goatee.

I miss the bonds that we do with my fellow high school batch mates 😣. Some of them already graduated College. As for me, I still have to wait until October, normally because they need to finish their degree for 4 years. For an Engineering Student, we have to finish it about 5 years.


@chuuuckie, When we capture pictures then memories always travel with us and also it's like Time Travelling Tool because when we see old pictures it take us back in time and Subconsciously we relive those memories.

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I agree with you right there ;)

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