Quest Reward - Gold Foil Exploding Dwarf! F2P Steem Monsters Progress #5

in #esteem2 years ago (edited)

My quest took so long to complete today, I'm not sure if I was choosing terrible teams or if silver is really that much harder, but it took me more than an hour to get 5 wins with the death splinter. However it was all worth it when I managed to receive a gold foil Exploding Dwarf card! (and another vampire card, imagine that...)


Exploding Dwarf is an extremely unique card. It blows itself up, inflicting huge damage to its opponent. At its cheapest, a gold Exploding Dwarf is being sold at $0.44. Maybe I should sell it and buy multiple of another cheaper card?


I might be wrong but it looks like this card becomes incredibly good as you level it up. I'll have to use him next time I use the red splinter and see how he does.


Thanks for reading my Steem Monsters Progress post! I try to do one every day so make sure to follow if your interested in reading along as I grow my deck and get better at the game!

Please Upvote and Resteam!

and dont forget to Comment I always enjoy talking to anyone!


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I'm glad you got a gold card honey. And you needed another vampire! Soon they will need their own apartment :)

love you mom!

Thanks for your post I didnt really understand this before

congrats bxlphaet on your card.

Nice post. Well done

This is a fun card game

Gracias por la información.
kryptonia id @alexander

I am happy you got your card

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