Day 521 Freewrite. Prompt: Wild

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Wild can be negative or it can be positive, Wild can mean free or open, or it can mean untamed, ruthless barbarian and rough.

To me it is a good word, I love nature and animals, I look up to the wild as a source of inspiration. As an artist I have more drawings of animals than anything else.

What comes to mind immediately when thinking of the word wild is a wild cat in the jungle like a tiger or a panther, maybe also Tarzan.

After giving some thought I also cant help but think of the ocean, it sometimes escapes me that the ocean is just as wild as nature can get. Growing up so close to the ocean made it such a normal and regular part of life, that now being away makes me realize how much I loved living near the water.


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Aw! I miss the ocean too, and I did not grow up by it. You will go back. Now you can have a goal. I tried to live near it most of my life and now moved on to something else.

This is why we ended up in Cali after Denver. I could not stand the dryness there. Now I am ok landlocked :)

So glad you are freewriting, honey.


Thanks mom! Love you! I just miss the sea salt ocean breeze

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The wild ocean! Serene and beautiful by the soft sands, violent and treacherous out on open water. The thought of being stranded in the deep ocean, with miles of dark nothingness and wild, hungering creatures beneath me, is a horrifying one.


At the same time, I long to live by the seaside! Maybe one day!

Shake your way over to today's prompt and stir up some words!!


Well the open ocean is scary to me too, you are not alone on that one. Living near the sea is so peaceful you must try it if you can! Thank you for commenting :)

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And nowadays, the best description of wild are our mad and noisy cities. Man i would love living by the ocean on a quiet shore.