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RE: Are You Using eSteem? + New Office Preview

in #esteem4 years ago

I have been using esteem and partiko pretty exclusively for some time now. I think it is important that you made this post though because a lot of people don't realize or understand that there are other ways to access the block chain even though they probably use them on occasion. Thanks for the tip about the url's. I didn't realize that!


Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to work (though it did in my local testing). I think we have to fix something with to prevent it from injecting in "https"

Ah, okay. It seemed to me like it would be something that you needed to do on the local machine, but I am definitely not as versed on this stuff as you. I know with the torrent software on my Ubuntu box I had to edit some files to make it associate those files with the client I am using as opposed to Deluge. Like I said, I am a bit of a noob though :) I have no doubt you folks will get it sorted out. Thanks for the followup!

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