The Mother-in-law Saga : A 5 Minutes Freewrite

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The way I was walking that day wasn't normal in every sense of it but I love the twisting of the legs, being an introvert and not getting known but this horrible zigzag walk of mine brough me some seconds stare and some shameful fame. I could hear those behind me whispering to each other and asking if there is anything wrong with me. Nothing is wrong, absolutely nothing.

The day I met Lucy was a normal day turned glorious morning, she was walking down the isle that day looking all smiley, with teeth white as snow and a graceful walk to cap it up. She was the perfect figure I've ever wanted in a lady. Now to the realm where we hit each other and our books fell of the ground and start the Hollywood tradition of saying sorry, followed by Hi and them introduction. Things went so fast that in a year we are in each other's arm proffesing our love before our pastor. Lucy became the queen to my heart just nine month after that day. And my life hasn't been the same since then. Lucy was the best buddy anyone could have as a wife, caring to the core and a loving sweetheart at that.

One thing I didn't factor in to this relationship was the family relationship. Lucy always have this kind of strange behaviour to my mum, her mother-in-law, she tends never to be cognizance of her in anyway. I've known for awhile that ladies always want dead there mother-in-law in a bid to have a total control of there man. Never knew Lucy was part of the syndicate that believed in such too. Her behaviour to my mum everytime she comes visiting always left me worried. Looking at the most loving wife turned cold at the sight of my mum got me so worried to the point that I have to let my mum go, never to come back again. If that is the krptonite of my wife.

The reason many ladies don't want to to have there mother-in-law around still baffles me, is it in built in them to hate such, just a feeling of been in total control of there man has brought them this far deep in jealousy to wanting there mother-in-law dead. It never crossed there mind that there son will grow up too and the wife will want them dead.
This explains for so much distance mothers in law maintain between there son and there family. I've also noticed that this case is different when the mother comes to greet her daughter after being put to bed. The son-in-law hates not and welcomes all into his home.

My entry Into @mariannewest everyday #freewrite #weekendfreewrite.

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There are exceptions for sure :)
I am a good example perhaps...
Anywho, here's another prompt


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I loved my mother in law! she was nicer to me than my own mom. And my daughter in law seems to like me well enough. We do a lot together :)
I think it all depends. There are a lot of mother in laws who criticize their daughter in laws and are mean and such. I have seen that kind too. And why would you want a person to come to your house that wants to find fault with you...