No More Rote, Now, I Take Note : A Freewrite

in esteem •  5 months ago 

Told to jot down the note
No paper in sight, I begin to rote
Pinching myself, holding my cloth
Still, this, I don't know.
Told to read my Bible every morning
I did, read and read, found no meaning
Meditate they say, practice what you read
I stood up, found my they've left me.
Christ, come quickly, help me
To keep your word at heart, practice it
A life lived outside of your Holy writing
A life of futility I was told it will be.
So I kept my mind fixed
On Christ's word I stand
This law of the law I'll practice
And became an heavenly band.
Now taking note, inspirations
No more rote, I've got illuminations
A leisure of prayer, a moment of the word
Closer and closer, I move to God.
Praising my saviour, my God
The Father who will never leave His son
Till eternity I'll praise His name
To Him be all the praise.
An entry into @Mariannewest everyday freewrite

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You got the meaning @botefarm. 😊

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That was really neat! I learned a new word today! 😊

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Perfect use of the prompt!
And without further preamble I deliver to you the challenge for today:

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Not many find illumination through rote. Good for you!

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Espectacular tu escrito. A Dios todo el poder y la gloria. Siempre nos acompaña aunque a veces se sienta que no lo hace.

Spectacular your writing. To God all power and glory. He always accompanies us even though he sometimes feels that he does not.