Life From Our Side : A Freewrite Poem.

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They say fortune favours the bold
Not me, not us, poverty beat us cold
A penny, a coin, we did as told
Begging from streets to streets, no food.
Growing older, rich men passing
Filthy rich, never see them hungry,
Always blushing, happy, There's money
While we bow head low, regretting.
We were told we amount to nothing
Yes, as the polithiefcian said then
Only used as election thugs
Jumping at there meagre money.
Who changes destiny, come change mine
Since the creator has forgot our line
To whom do we look up to
We the nobody, masses, our household.
Election coming, we'll be used
A phenomenal no one could break
The neglected end, the rejected people
The polithiefcian's mule.
Here, there, a saviour once risen
Little remains to become somebody
Over maimed, silent forever
Message received, we never raised heads.
The Prompt is :::Filthy Rich:::
For @Mariannewest


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Excellent Freewrite poem

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