Ups and Downs

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There are days I wake up feeling so alive and happy yet there are also days I open my eyes and I feel so sad and lifeless.

There are moments that I want to be alone in silence away from people and there are moments I want to be with a group merrymaking.

There are instances that a friend needs my presence and my ear to listen. Somehow, there are instances I want someone to listen to me as well.

There are times I feel that I am nothing but a failure and there are times I feel I am on top of the world.

Shit happens and destroys me. Miracle happens and uplifted me.

Yin and Yang surrounds us. We are not always on top. We will not always be at the bottom.

There will always be someone better than you and there will always be someone who will need your help.

At trying moments, I cried and cried out loud but nobody hears me. At successful moments I cheer up and joyfully shout but no one knows it. I know you felt the same way.

Life doesn't go the way we want it. A sudden circumstance will break or make you. Its all part of the process.

Night and day will not be appreciated without the other. If there is no black how can we define white? If there is no sadness will we recognize happiness? If failure is non-existent will we realize success?

Accept things as they come-- happiness, sadness, failure and success-- they will soon become our brothers. Capture the grace and the lesson behind it. One day, when you are old and weak lying in bed you can confidently say, "I have been in both ends and I don't regret anything."



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