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Our belief is very critical and important for us to get what we want. All our emotions, actions and inactions are based on our belief system. The way we act, what we do or say are direct outcome of our beliefs. An adage says:
"If you believe you can, you can; if you believe you cannot, you cannot. both ways you are right".


Whatever we believe and set our mind to get, we will surely get.
It is important that we have absolute trust and believe in God and it is also important for us to believe in ourselves. One of the greatest enemies of human being is self-depreciation.
God said that we are fearfully and wonderful created; any opinion of yourself contrary to that is unacceptable and should be disregarded. We are entitled to the best, we can be the best and whatever a man can achieve on this earth, another man can equally achieve it and even surpass it.

The only limitation we have in life is self-limitation. Man naturally may want to belittle you but if you refuse to be little, nobody can do that. You must not allow your background to put you back on the ground permanently! The Bible says as a man thinketh in his own heart, so he is. Not as your neighbours or your friends or your brothers thinketh but as you and only you thinketh in your own heart so you are! If you believe you will be rich, you will be rich. The power to choose what you believe is under your control.

In every venture in life whether you will succeed or fail depends on your belief.
David believed that he could defeat Goliath and, indeed, Goliath was defeated. Whatever you strongly believe in your heart that you can achieve you will surely achieve.

Believe in God, believe in your vision, and believe in yourself. We may succeed if others do not believe in us but it is not possible to succeed if we do not believe in our own selves.


Your belief will lead to your action, your action will lead to the results that you will get, and your results will further reinforce your belief. When elephants are freshly caught in the wild and taken into training, their trainers will take a strong chain and tie their legs to a long steel pole which they drive deep into the ground. The elephant will pull and fight for a while. Then they stop because they learn that they can't pull away. Over time, the pole becomes smaller and smaller because the elephant doesn't pull as hard. The chain becomes a rope, the pole becomes a stake, and pretty soon they stop fighting altogether. With a fully-trained elephant, a trainer will simply tie a rope to its leg and toss it to the ground, or attach it to a very small tent stake, and it won't move.

So strong is this belief that they're helpless, that in 1967 at a well known circus in Manheim Germany, 6 elephants died in a tent fire. They were all tied to very small stakes hammered into the ground. Similarly, if you take a jar full of fleas, they will jump and crash into the lid of the jar, but in time they begin to jump only so high as to just miss the lid. After that, if you remove the lid, they will not jump out. They've developed a belief that jumping out is impossible. They convinced themselves they cannot do it.

Our own lives are similarly encumbered by such self-imposed limitations. Perhaps we've tried something and failed. Perhaps we've failed several times. Perhaps we never even did try, because we were too afraid to fail. Either way, we've each built beliefs that we simply cannot do some things, and these beliefs hamper our action. They prevent us from maximising our potential. And most of them, are simply self-imposed.

The power of belief is strong. Our beliefs shape our actions, and our actions create results and affect change. So if you want to change the results of your life, if you want to be more, do more; to step higher, and raise the bar then, don't try to change your actions, change your beliefs. The rest follows naturally.

Because as your newfound beliefs impact your actions, your actions create results that reinforce your beliefs. It's a self-propelling cycle. Success begets success, if you can just get beyond those self-imposed limitations and believe in yourself.

Look hard at the things at which you frequently fail. Look hard at the things you've just stopped reaching for. Ask yourself what beliefs you've developed that are preventing you from achieving, and change them.

You can do more, you can be remarkable.....
Just believe.

Thanks for reading through...
I remain your naijalady @bekky


I can see you put a lot of time into this post. It payed off.

I'm happy it pays off...

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