Foodphotography : Some typical food features of aceh

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Hello fella steemian, wherever you are.

This time I want to share some pictures from the #foodphotography collection I've taken. The following picture is a description of the various types of typical foods commonly consumed by the aceh community.

1. Milkfish goulash.


photo original by: @basristeemit

2. Fried chicken sauce

photo original by: @basristeemit

3. Milkfish sauce.

photo original by: @basristeemit

4. Snapper fish curry

photo original by: @basristeemit

5. Saute the shrimp.

photo original by: @basristeemit

6. Grilled chicken.

photo original by: @basristeemit

some food this is the food is usual presented by the community Aceh to dish eat when day or night. wealth of spices owned by the natural Aceh affect all dishes that there is there.

It can we mark through the image above. All types of seafood to chicken served with spices that are processed from spices that grow from the land of Aceh is known to be very fertile.

Thanks for visiting my blog. regards @basristeemit

CameraOPPO A51w
focal distance2.93 mm
lighting time1/33s
Locationbanda aceh




Try it with a Maibock next time!

Thanks my friend

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Waw... Amazing post.... Membuat saya jadi lapar

Terima kasih atas apresiasinya guru!!!