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Esteem is one of the most used steem application for Mobile and desktop. Though there are some technical issues in the mobile application here and there, the desktop version is very stable and convenient to use. I took interest on the mobile app and reported some bugs personally on the discord server. I'm able to see some bugs still present in the Mobile application making it a little unstable to use. Some of my friends already got frustrated and uninstalled esteem on their mobile. I'm still continuing to use this because I find it comfortable to use from my mobile device.


In this article I wanted to talk about the new version of eSteem Surfer for mobile. In the new version which is 2.1.0, the point system has now been introduced to desktop application as well. Previously the option was available only for the mobile application. Now people will be able to accumulate points by making posts from their desktop application as well. Along with this new points system which was described in the release notes, there are also few other bug fixes as well. I guess people will now start using eSteem Surfer more compared to the other applications they can use from their desktop.

We still don't know what value the eSteem points can bring to us. Maybe we can expect a system where we can exchange points for votes from eSteem account. I guess that is one of the successful models here because even the other dApps are using this model of exchanging points for upvotes. Hope we get to see a good significance from points system soon. eSteem is still one of the favorite applications for many users.

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