What Is Mistake??

in esteem •  3 months ago

To define reality behind this word I am sharing a simple formula;
"Mistake + Learning = Success
Mistake - Learning = Failure
Mistake + Mistake = Stupid"

Everyone make mistakes, many People use them as an excuse for failure ,some people learn from them, and only few People use them for success.Successful people are those who don't repeat the same mistake.

Get Back Up;
Never falling is not a big deal,getting back up again is great.Mistakes come to make us strong and give us new lesson.So Learn your lesson, shut your mouth and move on.

Everybody Once Failed;
Albert einstein failed thousand times before reaching to a theory, Michael Jordan missed hundreds of goals in his career, that's how they become successful.They could have just sit down doing nothing but after learning their lesson from their mistakes they tried again.

Pull Of Success;
If we wan'na be successful we should have an attitude of learning from our mistakes,We should build a pull of success from the hard stones thrown in our path.So we can climb over that pull and show the world we have done it.

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Everyone is mistaken! Even the greatest scientists!
as they say "learn from mistakes"!