Jatropha Gossypipolia. Observe the Wulung Jatropha plant with benefits

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Wulung Jatropha Tree or its scientific name is Jatropha Gossypipolia L, this is a group of shrubs other than beautiful in view of the color of purple leaves and fruit that is ovoid which can also be used to treat several types of diseases in humans, such as constipation, high fever, swelling on the skin and others.


Wulung jatropha trees are often planted as fences and barriers to garden land in rural areas. Maybe only a few people know that the wulung jatropha plant has benefits for human health.


The beginning of this plant originated from the American continent precisely the South American region and then the seeds spread to all regions including the archipelago, especially in Aceh. In Aceh, it is often said that Lawah trees or Bak Lawah Utuen are considered as shrubs on the side of the road and are often found in forest areas or near the coast. This plant (Jatropha Gossypipolia L) can grow well in the lowlands and live a little in the highlands. This plant needs enough sunlight without being blocked by other plants.
Wulung jatropha trees can grow long or yearly, this tree grows upright and reaches about two or three meters above the ground. #The stem of this plant has thick white liquid or sap containing soap.


This plant has very exotic leaves which are purple mixed green with bright purple to brown branches, pointed leaf edges like blades, for the flower shape of this plant are bright purple like cones, flowers appear from the ends of the trunk and the fruit of this plant has three drums are oval in shape, the color of the fruit is green when it's young and changes color to black when it's old. #The seeds of this plant are round blackish brown. Inside the old seeds are stored oil that can be used as fuel for lighting [lamps] like candles, the seeds of this tree are very iconic for villagers in the past because they can be used as lighting at night before electricity flows into the village isolated.
As for the chemical content and pharmacological effects of these plants, the nature of these plants has not been widely known to the public, but the known tropical plant chemicals of wulung jatropha are alkaloids, tannins, calcium oxalate, and sulfur pectic substances.

In addition, Wulung jatropha oil contains co-carcinogenic esters including twelve deoxy and sixteen hydroxyphorbol which function as anti-cancer.


#For pharmacological effects that are owned by Jatropha Gossypipolia L, including as a laxative and eliminate appetite.
The part used and its utilization is, wulung castor leaves and seeds can be used to treat several diseases as follows:
Treating swelling or bruising and skin diseases. As for treating abdominal pain and constipation the usual way for older people is:
Wash 4-5 fresh leaves Wulung Jatropha clean and then spread with coconut oil, and heat it over the fire until it looks wilted then attach the leaves to the stomach while still warm.
To treat fever, how to use it, wash 12 to 16 fresh leaves of Wulung Jatropha until clean, boiled with enough water, after boiling, use the boiled water to bathe.
Overcoming constipation for example can
washed approximately 22 or more grains than the Wulung Jatropha seeds and then roast, and mash until smooth, brew the results of the collision with one cup of hot water, then drink one cup at a time.


These are the few benefits that can be taken from the wulung jatropha tree, and also like other Jatropha trees, such as the Chinese Jatropha, costa red jatropha tree and Jatropha curcas, the Jatropha Wulung plant is no less great for health problems for the human body.

#Well! that's a little uniqueness and usefulness rather than exotic tropical plants, besides being beautiful to be seen by the eyes with amazing leaf and fruit colors can also be used as traditional medicine.


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Very good picture. Your the best man.....

Thanks pak bos @tucsond. Boh lawa itu, biasa awai @amponmier geutoet glantoe suwa atee mlm rouh golom na panyoetz listerek.😂🤗

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Bukan terong gila. Terong pungoe boh jih bulat berbulu seperti duri, njan bak lawah pageù atau lawah utuen yang oën warna ungu, bineh jln u tunong jai bak njan atau toe2 laot daerah barat jai cit..

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