What is success to you?

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Hello everyone!!


What is success? Do you think winning is success or earning a lot of money is success? if you think it,think again because you may be living without your soul. Because all the money you have you cannot be happy because some people will think of earning more and more as your greed will grow more and more or some people who are rich they need security and they will always have tension in their mind that some can broke out and steal their money.

Always winning is success but not properly, because you cannot defeat yourself but when you will lose you can overcome more thing my resume difficult thing in life. Even greatest boxer like Mohammed Ali has lose but he never give up and he kept on fighting. Lose is very important because it teaches us a lot of thing. Winning always also make us really arrogant and we thing we cannot lose but there some who still can beat you and that thing is your situation.

So life is like a game as we may face really difficulties in our life and we may loose and we may fear to try again but we must overcome our fear to reach near to success as we must not give up as after we give up and some gets their we will know how close we were near to our dream and we may regrets our decision. so always have aim and never give up . As if greatest hero had gave up . We won't be here living in freedom. Success lies behind the difficulties, so never give up you don't how close you are close to success. Nowdays people are just busy thinking about their and forgetting about their life.Now people are so busy that they cannot even enjoy their like. People are just doing what others are. So find your way and enjoy life and be happy as there only one as living the moment is most important than thinking for future. And always great memories as when you will be older, your money won't make you happy but your memories will.

You know impossible word.


As I said nothing is impossible. And there is two different ways to thing everything one is positive and another one is negative. If you see impossible in negative way it would be impossible but when you will see it in positive way you see Im possible, you just need a space between words. So you just have to change the way if seeing things.


Hope you like my picture.
Be happy and enjoy yourself
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