My Drawing Of Goku: Dragon Ball Z

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Hello everyone!!

Original Drawing

Edited Drawing

As we know that art is an expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture. Art can be in any form and it can be in any form like dance, singing, literature, painting, drama, circus, drawing and others.Art is an expression of creative mind. Art doesn't only reflects the creativity of artist but also the environment where the artist lives.

Drawing is a simple when you try to draw and it way which help us to express our art. Drawing is passion for people Drawing is one of the oldest way of showing art and my passion to during my young age. Drawing are made my using various instruments and it is most popular art and anyone can do it. I only know little about drawing.Drawing always makes me happy and i really enjoy doing it.

The drawing is of famous anime that is most popular anime and loved by everyone, Dragon Ball Z. This anime was first anime that i watched in my childhood and really loved it. So, at a young age i drew this drawing of my favourite character Goku when he was child. As the story and fight really impressesed me in this anime. So, i drew a drawing of character that i admire the most.


Thanks for reading my post.
Hope you liked the drawing.
Be happy and enjoy life.


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