Liverpool Vs Tottenham : UEFA Champion League Final Match Preview

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Hello everyone!!


Today i am back with a new post about football. As i am a great fan of football and i really enjoy all the matches. And i really love the finals of all the league as the most strongest team fight each other to hold the trophy of that league. So, i wrote a post about UEFA Europa League final and today i am going to tell you all about UEFA Champion League final. With this match finished, two biggest league would be finished. So, as we know that Finals are between Liverpool and Tottenham which is in Sunday. Both teams are strong as they had long fight to come at this point. So, both teams are strongest teams in UEFA Champion League. It could be also said that one team is better than other in this match. But we cannot be sure until the match is finished. Lets talk about both teams for the final time.


Liverpool is one of the strongest team who doesn't need much introduction though let me introduce them properly. Liverpool is one team who has playing games with ease and have exceptional performance in the UEFA Champion League and they have exceptional team. Liverpool has exceptional lineup and has the world best player who is know by everyone in the world. Liverpool has been playing with their heart and their improvement in their game since they were defeated by Barcelona. Liverpool has one of the world strongest players like Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Virgil Van Dijk, all of them are world finest striker and midfielder. Liverpool is a top team who struggle a the leg 1st but did exceptional job as they came back though they were losing in aggregate with the score of 3-0 and made it 4-3. So, this is the reason they are at finals against Tottenham.


Tottenham is a also strongest team of the UEFA Champion League who had been wining and had reached to the finals. Tottenham had been delivering their finest performance in every match they play which took them too finals. Tottenham is going to play this match with all they have got. Tottenham has one of the finest team and have some of finest player. Tottenham had been finest team that I had seen but they lack what the Liverpool has store for this game. Tottenham is one of the finest team and finest team is made with finest players. So, some of finest players are Christian Eriksen, Hugo LIoris and Harry Kane. Tottenham is strongest team as well as team is just exceptional. Tottenham won semi finals against Ajax with 3-3 aggregate but due to away goals they were they team who won.

Why i think Liverpool is more better team than Tottenham
As we know that both teams had hard time coming to finals and both teams surprised the audience with the aggregate 2. But Liverpool has really level up their than they had in the previous. Both teams have world greatest players Harry Kane from Tottenham and Mohamed Salah from Liverpool. But when we look at the teams wining up against each other Liverpool has won more matches in this few years. And most of stats prediction are on Liverpool side to win this match. So, this my reason why i think Liverpool will win this match.

My Prediction
As prediction score, is not my things as my most of the prediction goes wrong but some goes right too. If i think about this match more and more i think Liverpool will win as they are more better team than Tottenham and have more higher chances. The score will be 3-2.

Liverpool and Tottenham, both teams are exceptional and both teams has proven as worth teams to be at the finals of this UEFA Champion League. This match is going to be a interesting match as it finals match and both teams are strong. So, both teams are ready to play this final match. We can only predict and think. To know who wins we have to watch the match. So, lets enjoy the finals of UEFA Champion League with pop corns.

What do you think who will be the winner of UEFA Champion League, will it be Liverpool or will it be Tottenham?


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