Juventus Had To Face Lost Against Sampdoria In Serie A

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Hello everyone!!


As we all have know that there was many matches in Serie A at the same time and many matches are being played right now. So, i am here to tell you about a match which was full of disappointment for Jventus and victory for Sampdoria. This match took place yesterday in Serie A and this match a match that i though that was a sure win for Juventus. Why? Because they were regarded as the best team in Serie A and they are at top of the table. We all thought that Juventus will win this match but it didn't turn that ways as they lost the match with great score too. Sampdoria must been happy as they defeated the top ranker in match that wasn't there. So, as i always had been saying anything can happen in any part of football. I didn't preview this match though i will tell you about the match result.


This match was between Juventus which is still standing at the top of table after the lost and Sampdoria which is standing at 9th place after the win too. So, the wining didn't affect the rank but it sure did with the score. As by wining this match Sampdoria confident had surely increased and confident of Juventus had decreased. But we know that some times the greatest team also get defeated by emerging team. With this match Sampdoria leveled up their game and my expectation on this team has also increased. The performance of teams was amazing and both teams played well bu at the end this match was not the match that Juventus wants to remember.

Sampdoria Juventus live score, video stream and H2H results - SofaScore - Google Chrome 5_27_2019 2_09_57 AM (2).png

Juventus didn't had their best player and one of the greatest players of the world Cristiano Ronaldo on there side in this match. So, this may be also a reason that they lacked some good striking in this match. But we surely tell that Sampdoria game had been leveling up and they did just amazing in this match. This match was all for all Sampdoria as they have possession, shot on target and passes on their side. It can been said that Juventus played really bad in this match. So, this match was for Sampdoria. For Sampdoria Gregoire Defrel scored a goal at 84 minute, Gianluca Caprari scored a goal at 90 minute or at the last minute of this match. This was really interesting and match to watch and see. This match had brought disappointment for Juventus and great victory for Sampdoria. Hope we can see more improvement from Sampdoria.

This was all for this match and i really had fun while watching this match. Sampdoria was really brilliant in this match and there teams had great future a head. I will surely be taking look on this team. There is failure for every team in some game and this match was failure for Juventus. But i know that they will come back with a bang and will surprise all of us. If you havent watched this match you still have highlight to watch. So, this is all for this match and post another post about matches result that really surprised me.


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