Chelsea Lifted Europa League Trophy For Second Time

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Hello everyone!!


I am back with a post about football. As we all know that there was final match of UEFA Europa League. It was just time before and i here to write a post. As i preview this match as we all know that it was between Chelsea and Arsenal. In order to watch match i had to wake up, up to 3 pm at the night but it was worth it and i started writing this post by watching this match. As we all expected that this match would be amazing and interesting. This match was match that i enjoyed watching. This match was everything or both teams and it was match for all fans of both team. This match was brilliant one.


About this match

Both team were exceptionall and we can see that both team gave their best to win this match as it was for sake of the Europa league trophy and it was final time that both tean would be facing each other in this league. Arsenal was brilliant in this match and we could say that they were leading this match but at the last it was the match for Chelsea to win and it was lost for Arsenal. Arsenal and Chelsea, both team gave each other a hard time in order to win this match.

First half was brilliant but in the first half we couldn't see goals from either sides and both teams were amazing. The match was on Chelsea side and they have everything in the first half too. We could see great shots from Chelsea side but not from Arsenal as they shot any on the target in the first half. The first half games was of Chelsea. At end of first half there was no goals from both sides.

After the first half, Arsenal did looked at a good from but Chelsea emerged in more better form. After the first half both teams were amazing and still the game was on Chelsea side. After some minute of first half we saw a goals and it was from Chelsea side. It was great moment for Chelsea but really hard moment for Arsenal. After the first goal from Chelsea another goal was scored and again it was from Chelsea. After second goal Chelsea was leading two goals and Arsenal was at nil goals. After some minute another came from Chelsea side and it was in penalty. And Arsenal had do something and finally they scored one goal. After that goal there was another goal and it was again from Chelsea side. So, this match was interesting till the last moment but the final score was 4-1 which totally wronged my prediction for this match.

This was amazing match and match to enjoy. The goals scorer from Chelsea was Olivier Giroud who scored a goal at 49 minute, Pedro scored a goal at 60 minute and Eden Hazard scored two goal at 65 minute and another at 72 minute. For Arsenal Alex Iwobi scored a goal at 69 minute. By the score you can know how amazing match it was. It was match to enjoy and have fun. There was a lot of goals and both teams did their best. But at the end there was only one winner and it was Chelsea. It was great night for Chelsea. Chelsea won UEFA The Europa League and lifted up the trophy. It was celebration time for Chelsea.


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