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RE: Are You Using eSteem? + New Office Preview

in #esteem4 years ago

I have the eSteem app running on my Mac along with SteamPeak. I'm still working out which one (or both) to use.
However when I click that link to your latest post it doesn't do anything.


What do you think about Esteem on a Mac? I also have been using SteemPeak and Busy. I like the SteemPeak platform, photos upload slower than Steemit, but I want to be prepared if @ned turns the lights out on Steemit.

I'm still getting the hang of it. The search function is not obvious. Realised I have to log in with active key to claim rewards. Otherwise gives a strange SDK error.

I need to look into it, are you saying posting active or owner active? When Steempeak first came out you needed the owner key. Now you can use Steemconnect, I am glad they fixed this.

Yeah, unfortunately it doesn't work as expected (see my edit at the bottom of the post). I guess I'll just have to stick with using "http" links for now until we can figure out what's up with the other interfaces injecting https:// in.

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