CONTEST! Explain to the masses what is @esteem

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eSteem (@eSteemapp) is the first mobile client for the Steem blockchain and further developed PC app to surf the Steem blockchain with superb features. eSteem products are open-source, it is the 9th most used Dapp on the Steem Blockchain with over 41,000 monthly transactions and over 1,900 unique users per Steemapps.

eSteem is one of the main frontends to browse the Steem blockchain posts and interact with other users. Having their app available for PC and Mobile (Windows, Linux Mac, Android and iPhone), eSteem apps are Steem Apps that can help us take the Steem Blockchain mass adoption process to the next level.


The purpose of this contest is to encourage Steemians to create a video speaking about the advantages of using eSteem to browse the interacting part of our blockchain, how can a Steemian blog, comment and vote on eSteem and in your own words, why is eSteem is the best Steem Frontend out there.

Why is the @steemonboarding team making this @blocktrades sponsored contest in partnership with @eSteemapp?

Easy. We want to feature that video on our website so, people from all over the world can know about eSteem and its multiple features vs the other frontends and most importantly, vs other social media platforms.

The Steem ecosystem is growing at an exponential rate, and the eSteem DApp/Frontend is one of the reasons the blockchain is reaching more people every day.

We need a video that we can show our grandma and she can completely understand what eSteem is, why it's a groundbreaking Dapp, how does it work, and every other detail about it.

Create a Video speaking about @eSteemapp and win three 75% votes from @Blocktrades

Points to consider for the video tutorial

The video must:

  • Be in english with a good pronunciation and grammar.
  • Not be longer than 5 minutes.
  • Include visual aid. The most visually appealing and explicit the video is, the better. A new user will appreciate a video that uses screen recording or screen captures of the @esteemapp interface (Mobile or PC Surfer).

The video must include the next topics:

  • Introduction:
    • What is eSteem? Very important to mention its connection to the Steem blockchain and how it works as an interface to browse it.
    • Points of contact: Website, Steem username, discord etc. Make it very simple, don't confuse the viewer.

To find out more about eSteem, you can check out their website here

  • Body
    • How does eSteem work? Don´t go too much into detail, but be thorough about the who, how and where can someone start using eSteem. Explain the process of downloading eSteem on your device and start blogging. There are different download processes but, if the explanation is done correctly, every user, no matter the device, will be able to download and start using it. Don´t go into too many details about this, just explain the process.
    • Advantages of using eSteem and connect to the Steem Blockchain, if there are any pros in user friendliness, interface and user experience versus other social media websites like FB, IG etc, mention them without mentioning these other Social media's.
    • Benefits of browsing the Chain using eSteem. What does the eSteem community and user experience offer the Steem user. Remember this video will be featured alongside other Steem Frontends, so mentioning any selling points to make the user adopt eSteem instead of any of the others, is key.
    • Give a big mention to the eSteem community, one of the best features of the eSteem frontend is their discord and on chain community.

  • Conclusion:
    • You know eSteem. Close the video with some of the best arguments you can come up with, to make people start using eSteem and adopt the Steem Blockchain... if they are not part of the Steem Blockchain, this closing part should encourage them to create an account and start using Steem and it's different DApps.

Rules for participating

1.- You have until Sunday 28th at 11:59 pm PST to submit your video.
2.- The title of your video must be similar to "Tutorial: What is Esteem? - A blocktrades sponsored contest" or "How does eSteem work? - A blocktrades sponsored contest. It doesn't have to be exactly the same as these two, but it has to be similar.
3.- You have to post using the eSteemApp. To download it for cell phone or desktop, click here
3.- Use the tags "esteem", "blocktrades" and "Blocktradescontest"
4.- Resteem this post.


The videos that follow all the instructions stated here, will receive a small vote from Blocktrades, regardless of the outcome of this contest.

By entering this contest, the Steem User grants the rights of the video submitted to @steemonboarding to use the video for promotional purposes in and outside the Steem Blockchain.

This contest outcome will be judged by the @steemonboarding team and, if applicable, someone from the @esteemapp team. The winner will be picked depending on the needs of the Steemonboarding Project and the specifics from the eSteem team.

Thanks to the sponsor @blocktrades we are able to run this contest. Don´t forget to vote for them as witness here to show them your support!

eSteem App is a frontend and Dapp developed by @good-karma. Don't forget to vote for him as witness here to show them your support!

This blog post was published via eSteem, a desktop and mobile App and interface for the Steem Blockchain. If you are curious about it, join their Discord server here.


Truthfully, @esteemapp is my fave Steem mobile app, especially when on the move. It was a pleasure to jump right into this review. Here's my Entry.

esteem (3).png

I already watched your entry and it is great, thanks for joining!

Glad to see #esteem developments.
I used many Dapps daily and #esteem is right there on my phone and on my desktop.
Glad a steemian has the opportunity to showcase their skill
Keep on postin

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eSteem is the best and this promotional contest is a great way to show everyone what they are missing out on! I resteemed this and will be excited to see the videos that are created for this contest!
Thanks @anomadsoul and @blocktrades.

Goodluck to all the participants! Hoping to see lots and lots of you guys join the contest! We, in the eSteem team will support you guys! :D

eSteem ON!

It's great to hear that's the eSteem crew will be manually curating and supporting the entries! Thanks so much man!

As always and thank you very much to you, man and specially to @blocktrades for making such a wonderful contest! :D

This is wonderful! Thank you @anomadsoul for your efforts with organizing this contest for eSteem. Thank you to @blocktrades for sponsoring, and thank you @steemonboarding for the organization efforts. Such a great way bring eye's and new users to the Steem blockchain, I love it!

Good luck to all of the contestants in this eSteem contest!

Most importantly, thank you guys for making it happen, without your daily efforts to keep eSteem as one of the top dApps with an amazing community this contest wouldn't even exist! You the MVP here

Thank you for the organizers of the contest and of course to @good-karma and the @esteemapp team. My little question is: How do we upload videos? Is it through Youtube channel or can it be done with DTube or is there another way? Because there is no explanation in the post.
Thanks a million ^^

You can embed videos on the eSteem post editor so it's just a matter of uploading the video somewhere else and then including it in your entry post :)

Being a long @esteem user loved to take up the challenge. .....have a concerned about the it #eblocktradescontest ? We have extra "e"this time...

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Thanks fur mentioning it haha, I'll change it!

I must post using esteem but how I can upload video with esteem ?

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The esteem apps support link embedding, so all you have to do is upload to YouTube and embed a link in the post edition :D

Can I add this on DTube too ?

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Sure, I don't see why not, as long as the entry posted on steem includes written information and the posts are different, so it doesn't seem as double posting the same content.

this is a very interesting contest. because it can introduce esteem to many people. What's more, I often use esteem to make posts. but I lost 1 requirement. that is speaking English. I can not speak English. maybe I'll wait for another contest.

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You type this comment in English.
No excuses.
Give it a try.
Keep on postin

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sorry sir, I really don't speak English. my words are only translations through Geogle. thank you very much for your invitation.

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@anomadsoul , my entry for @steempress is redy and I will work on this one. Thanks for the opportunity.

Thanks for joining these contest my friend, you are really becoming quite the expert on steem related stuff and also video creation :D the best of luck for this one!

Let's do our best, and show the world. How eSteem works.

Great contest to spread up knowledge of esteem various apps and would love to take part in.

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This premier contest from eSteem. Good luck for all participants

Great contest. I wish to be a part of it this time. @esteemapp is a wonderful DApp of #steem with amazing features.

Thanks to @Blocktrades for sponsoring this contest.

You're ABSOLUTELY right! :D

Thanks for that encouraging comment.

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An interesting contest. He will unite fans of the eSteem program. I wish you all victory and good mood friends

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esteem is an evaluation made by an individual and is usually associated with respect for himself, this expresses an attitude of agreeing or disagreeing and shows the degree to which the individual believes himself capable, important, successful and valuable.

Awesome contest

Doya chai sobar

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I wonder if you are aware of the fact many are not able to use esteem at all.

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That's why it's not the only contest, there are several contests of the same style running all the time. Actually the steemlres one is still on if you want to join it.

Then I can only write the app is not working and there is a glitch in it and I am not the only one. Is a post like that wanted?

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Great contest. I promise to do my own short video tomorrow, less than 14hours to go. Thanks to @anomadsoul, @blocktrades,@esteemapp, @good-karma @steemonboarding for your effort for this great contest.

Thank you.

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I like this contest

Good contest.
Vote, resteem and share on twitter.
happy life.

esteem is a nice app in steem platform and I will share my review soon. Thanks

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Thanks for your participation, looking forward to watch your video.

Here is my entry to the contest.

My Dtube Video Link:

My Esteemapp post:

(Frankly, was confused about video and esteemapp post. So drafted both seperately)

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This is my video entry for @esteem ... As a guest curator I love to curate posts for esteem plus love how esteem works... I will write a blog from @esteem with more details .


Here is my blog post using @esteem surfer. I also embedded youtube link (video) into my post...

Thank you @blocktrades and @anomadsoul for this contest...

My entry to contest just on time :)

My dtube video link:

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Follow @esteemapp as well!

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