To Love is to Live

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Unconditional Love is a natural flow of energy through everything that exists. That’s the number one law in the Universe. That’s the famous will of God. Every living thing ought to be filled with Love.

“Committing a sin” is simply going against God’s will, or resisting the energy of Love to flow through our body. No need to complicate this. It’s as simple as that.

“Forgiveness of sins” happens when we remove all the blockages that prevent that energy to flow freely through our body. That happens by accepting and loving who we are, learning our life lessons, yet not attaching guilt to any of our experiences. Guilt kills. Awareness gives us life.

It is time that humanity understood this universal Truth. It’s rather simple. Overcomplicating it with lotta rules only serves our ego, creates more confusion than authentic help. It shapes a society, which focuses on hundreds of regulations and loses the big picture along the way. Less is more. We will never be able to understand our Universe by just looking at one rock. We will never be able to understand our Universe by looking at many rocks either. The understanding comes when instead of seeing separate rocks, we allow ourselves to see One unified body of Life.


“The path to Life is straight and narrow, yet there are only a few who find it” :). That’s an excerpt from the gospel of Matthew, yet I sure hope that we can change that statement to “there are many who find it.”

We’ve been looking everywhere for God, yet many don’t find this amazing Source of Creation, because they don’t expect it to be right here, within reach :) A perfect design is always simple and user-friendly. Since God is the most experienced Creative Director out there, he/she would never design something that was anything other than beautiful, perfect and easy-to-use. Yes, there are a few “reset buttons” in this impeccable design of life, yet those are there to give us a chance to start over with a clean slate. They exist to open our eyes up to the idea that we have the power to co-create something amazing if we only choose to.

The true nature of our soul is love and joy. Our soul, therefore, is a current of energy that connects us with heaven and earth along a “straight and narrow” path of our internal energy centers. Take good care of it. Experience life, allow yourself to learn it well and live in the moment without dragging your past around. That’s when our heart is open and can abundantly receive life-giving energies of Love.

Open up your cup and fill it with Love. The time is NOW. Cleanse your body from blockages of negative energies in preparation for the planetary shift. Our body is the famous rock upon which the temple of God was meant to be built. Is your temple ready?

You’ve gotta Love to Live.

Namaste, my friends



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