The Beauty of Surrender

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Oh, how I love the impeccable design of life! The full beauty of life’s design can only be experienced when we completely surrender to God. Today was yet another day when I was left in awe at how amazing life is! Instead of sharing all the details of my day with you, I felt that you’d appreciate reading my thoughts on how to experience life’s beautiful design and blessings consistently, every single day.

FYI about God

FYI, for those of you who have read some of my previous posts, you are already familiar with my thoughts that God is beyond a name, yet so many of our traditions have attempted to label this magnificent creative power to make it easier for our mind to understand (so whenever reading my articles, please replace “God” with whatever name feels comfortable to your – Higher Power, Universe, Universal Mind, Mother Nature, The Source, The Creator, The Great Spirit, Holy Spirit, Baraka, Prana, Life, Love, Light, Sound, All That Is, Divine Energy…the list goes on and on, yet the name does not change the essence of this amazing presence :). God cannot be understood with our mind. He/She/It could only be experienced, and therefore felt and known with our heart. God is simply life experienced :) God is our thoughts and words harmoniously manifested in our actions. God is everywhere and in everything. Note, that we don’t have to believe in God for God to exist. The existence of some type of a higher power which has created the Universe and everything that exists simply cannot be disputed, because…well…here we are in this magnificent Universe of ours :)

Control and Surrender: “life is hard” vs “life is easy”

“The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.”

  • Julia Cameron

Many of us, I’m sure to have often wished “I wish my life was easier!!!” Well, here’s my scoop based on my own experience. I hope it will inspire you to make your life easy ;).

I’ve experienced my life in many ways:

  1. Sometimes, I liked to take complete control over it.
  2. Sometimes, I was “forced” to let go of some of the control and reluctantly “gave” it to others.
  3. And sometimes, I have completely surrendered to that magnificent source of creation. “Your will is my will” type of the deal :)


These ways had their benefits and challenges. Except for the last one. Surrendering myself to that Higher Power was the best life choice I have ever made :)

From the moment I completely and voluntarily let go of ALL the control and surrendered my life to that Universal, All-Conscious, Omnipresent Mind, creating my life became effortless and the miraculous synchronicity became an everyday occurrence. The expression “life is hard” seems like such a distant memory :) The only time I am reminded of that expression is when I try to take charge again. Yet when I consciously choose to surrender myself again, everything needed to realize my highest potential shows up in my life without as much as me feeling like I am “working hard,” yet so much work gets done!

Surrendering might be perceived by some as giving up the right to choose our destiny and, therefore, creating the life we desire. The interesting thing is, that exactly the opposite happens when we let go of the steering wheel, and let God become the driving creative force that shapes our life. Everything that we have dreamed of and more comes true. With Ease. The only challenge for some might be to let go of any expectations as far as how and when anything will occur and completely open ourselves up for the Divine Energy to do its work and for us to get the heck out of its way! Divine Energy is intelligent and knows how, when and with whom. Once we (or more specifically our ego) start dictating how, when and with whom – we will possibly achieve quite a lot, but boy oh boy will it seem like a struggle and there’s also a chance that whatever we create will not compliment our highest good.

The key is to completely entrust our life to God. Faith is simply giving Divine Energy a chance to act. And now that I know the essence of God and how we awaken and connect to that divine, magnificent, creative force within ourselves, it all makes perfect sense! God is within us. To know and to connect to God is to know ourselves through experiencing the ups and downs of life and accepting ourselves and others just as we are. Unconditional love and forgiveness all the way, baby! Once we are able to live our life this way, life is no longer hard. It is sooooo easy! Love is this amazing all-powerful energy that opens all previously locked doors.

Some of my friends often look at me like I’m out of my mind, haha. Husband, house, laundry, cleaning, cooking, school, homework, after-school activities, work, plus many other projects, yet they never hear me say “life is hard”. Some of them think I’m feeding them bunch of BS and that I am not in touch with reality. Cause supposedly reality is harsh as they say. I’ve been through that phase before, so I know that developing that perception is a common thing to do and one that each one of us will experience at one point or another in our life. Yet since our perception drives our reality, what we perceive is what we experience. The intriguing part is that many of my friends are religious, while I am not, and that is yet another puzzling thought they cannot comprehend. Their life is “hard” and my life is “easy”. What up with that? :) As one of my friends put it: “I am a true Christian and I’ve always been taught that Christ is the way, yet seeing so many people attaining inner peace, pure joy, and happiness, while simply living a life filled with love outside of any religious tradition, is fascinating, yet at the same time something I cannot at this point understand.”


The difference lies in either practicing Love or not (towards ourselves and others) and has nothing to do with one’s organized belief system. Generally, religious traditions are excellent at teaching discipline in following rules (so acting out of fear), instead of practicing loving acts of kindness simply out of Love.

“Don’t seek God in temples. He is close to you. He is within you. Only you should surrender to Him and you will rise above happiness and unhappiness.” – Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

All we need is Love (and surrender :) to be saved

This is a topic for a whole new article, but I will mention this thought again – many of us have very much unknowingly misunderstood the messages carried by all major religions and most Christians have misunderstood what Christ truly means.

In short, Christ (Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna…) is a state of consciousness that is attained while living a life filled with love that is absolutely independent of any religious tradition, yet all religious traditions do give clues about how to attain a happy, peaceful life. However, since we thought each one was THE ONE, we continued to fight about who’s right instead of pausing and realizing that the essence of all religions is the same and that by fighting with each other we are far from practicing any of the religious teachings.

It is in our actions that God (Love) is found. It is through practicing Love that we are saved (note: not by WHAT deeds we do, but HOW much love we put into them). Salvation is simply an authentic connection with the Source, which can be attained by anyone from any culture or tradition, whether we are religious or not. All we need is Love – pretty much sums it up :)

Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, Zoroaster and others have simply been awakened Divine Expressions of God and each one of us carries a potential within to attain that enlightened state which allows us to see each other as brothers and sisters, and therefore live in peace in harmony with All That Is. After all, we are all children of the same Universe and our only mission is to become in-tune with the melody that our Universe is already playing through our mind-body-spirit synchronization.

These Divine Expressions of God are metaphors for awakening our inner, natural, beautiful Light:
• Christ means “the anointed one”
•Buddha – “the awakened one”
•Krishna – “the attractive one”
•Muhammad – “the worthy one”
•Zoroaster – “the golden light”

These titles simply describe a state of consciousness we reach after we fill ourselves with unconditional love. This state of consciousness is very much cosmic, not local, and sees the Universe and all beings in it as one. I’m excited to notice, though, that there are many beautifully awakening to our Oneness and making a measurable difference in each others’ lives. Improving the quality of all human beings – no matter the race, culture, gender or belief system is a true sign of an authentic connection with the Divine :)

Experience the beauty of surrender: let go and let God

I invite you not to take my word for it, yet try it yourself. Surrender yourself completely to that All-knowing, Omnipresent, Creative Power some of us call God and watch with what unbelievably effortless ease your life will begin to unfold.

“Once we surrender our mind to God completely, He will take care of us in every way.”

  • Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Namaste my friends :)



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