Simplify your beauty routine

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This is for both the girls and the guys out there. Beauty routines suck! It really is amazing how often I think “if only I could wake up like this” while getting ready.

The hair washing and styling, the hair removal, the face washing and masks and creams and makeup, eyebrows, nails, lotions, and potions.. gah!

Who has time for it? I don’t. So instead I created a plan for myself, that maybe you can follow or adjust for yourself.

Write down all the stuff you have to do and how often you do it.

ie. Wash hair every 2 days, nails once a week, etc
Find the best day for something.

ie. Gym on Wednesdays so I need to wash my hair Wednesdays. Gardening on weekends so Monday is a good nail day.

You don’t need to do these things daily! That’s crazy!

Schedule them, either in the morning or at night whichever works better for you, preferably one a day.

Ta da! Simplified!


Here’s mine

Monday: manicure and pedicure

Tuesday: Wash hair at night (no drying just air dry then), shave (while conditioner is in), eyebrows

Wednesday: tanning (on my way home from work), lotion after tanning

Thursday: Deep condition hair (since it can sit all night)

Friday: Wash hair in morning (since I’m off on Fridays), shave (while conditioner is in), use Clarisonic mia for exfoliation (while in shower)

Saturday: eyebrows again

Sunday: Wash hair at night (no drying just air dry then), shave (while conditioner is in)

And that’s it! This saves me the stress of trying to do everything all before work (or while exhausted after work).

Do you have a beauty routine? How do you schedule everything in?



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