Art // Drawing Mickey Mouse Characters (Part 2)

in #esteem6 years ago

On this occasion I want to share my painting, this is forty times I share my drawing art here, even though it's not very good because it's still in the learning stage.:)

Well, on this occasion I tried to draw Mickey Mouse characters for the second time.


This is my simple painting, though it only uses pencils, erasers and papers that I use for this. I am already satisfied, I still have to learn a lot to paint the best picture and I will do it.

Here are my painting steps:

  • For my first step


  • The next step


  • And in this step I am ready for the results of my painting


All right, this is all I can share with you. I hope you also enjoy this. I am waiting for your criticism and suggestion, because it is very useful for me to be better in the future. I @anis09 say thank you very much for having seen and read the article from me. Have a nice day. :)


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