Democracy does not fight for truth

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Democracy VS Deliberation

The word democracy is deliberation. I don't think that is.
He said democracy was built since ancient times in the form of deliberation.

In my opinion, democracy has nothing to do with deliberation. Democracy is not built into a consensus agreement, but democracy is built in the form of numbers. A lot of numbers will win, even if it's wrong. Because democracy is built with many numbers.
Politicians are able to buy these numbers for their benefit and this is really happening.

In Jewish history, the truth was in the hands of the authorities. Words originating from ordinary people will not be said to be the truth.

Choosing a president in modern times does not know whether he is worthy of being president or not worthy. this is not important, the most important is whether he is able to present many figures in the presidential election or not?

So democracy is talking about collecting a lot of numbers.
so the truth in a democracy is in many numbers. As for Islam, the truth is for anyone, even the smallest child and only one person who reveals the truth, then all people even the ulama must submit to the truth.


Democracy has no dialogue

Dialogue in democracy is only a symbol of justification.
Is dialogue important in the democracy? I don't think so. they don't have dialogue.

A decision is not taken in a dialogue, but the decision remains on the numbers. If this dialogue is applied, then when the truth appears in dialogue, then all must submit to that truth and no longer need the numbers. but what happens, when the number of parties to the truth is a little, will the truth win? will not. Then the truth is a number, so when the truth is to get a victory, then the truth must have a number exceeding its opponent.

Is it the same as the opinion of a scavenger and an engineer? in the same democracy.
Is it as good as the opinion that comes from economic activists with workers? In the same democracy.
Is the same opinion coming from a scholar with an unemployed person? in the same democracy.


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