Blackberry OS had update last time 5 years ago and Windows Phone OS seem to be also struggling to survive in Android and iOS world. In future we have plans to support KaiOS but we will see how mobile market evolves in coming year. We don't have plans for Blackberry and Windows Phone OS.

You guys plan on doing some marketing? That is what a lot of these apps are missing, marketing.

Thank you for your answer.
I know not much about all this with programming applications and so. But the hope dies last. :-) I love my Blackberry and hope it will alive long time. :-)
Before it, i had a insane Windows Phone from Nokia. (I hate Android and Apple:-)
Hope Huawai crush this both. Later, i do look again, what your Project does.

I have a Huawei Ascend Y300 Android smartphone since 2013, and even the Android operating system and the factory applications are slow, lagging and crashing on it.
Huawei makes Chinese junk. Industrial waste, trash.
The USA shoul have kept the ban on Huawei. It is totally/absolutely understandable and rightful/deserved.
I would not recommend any Huawei smartphone (or any other Huawei product) to no one.

A Y300 is very expensive(not^^) and you can not call him a Smartphone. :-) It is a illnes. :-)
who buys cheap buys twice.
Huawai at least makes the market steam and is good for the supply demand ratio. In addition, the now really pretty mobile phones can build for acceptable prices. Let Apple and co go to hell. :-) They are all produced in China, by the way. ;-)

Releasing something like the Huawei Ascend Y300 is a sin (a waste of resources and the people's time and money) (and environmental pollution), no matter how cheap it is.
And probably that is not the only industrial waste/trash/Chinese junk they released.
There should be a more strict standard on releasing electronic devices to avoid the above mentioned things.
I bought some cheap things earlier, because I am more close to poor than rich, but I will not buy the same shit twice, and probably I will wait longer next time to be able to buy a little bit more expensive (and more reliable) smartphone, but I will not buy Huawei again. I will probably buy a Sony smartphone. Nowadays they have affordable (around $100 USD) smartphones.
For example Sony Xperia XA, Sony Xperia E3, Sony Xperia E5.
You hate Apple, I hate Huawei. We both have our reasons.