Worthy Turns

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To say the truth ,I think I am an expert at giving up, I am an expert at looking at the situation of things and hating it so bad I feel like just laying in bed and sleeping forever but wonder why I move forward still.

I am also an expert at standing back on my feet after every fall I have afforded myself by my previously mentioned wrong expertise .

The journey starts now for everyone . Everyday is an opportunity to do something to move towards your goal and throw caution to the wind of procrastination and fear.

My life is not the best I want it to be but I am moving forward, progressing and not standing still. I think that is what matters most. They say one good turn deserves another, even the bad ones deserve another. For me ,after every turn I make ,I know that out of a 100 turn, only 10 might actually be the turn that makes all other turns worth it but I never stop still.

Rather than seeing every turn like a potential fail ,I see each like a reason why I have the good worthy turns.

Don't loose hope, as long as you are still breathing ,there is still hope. That breath is not yours ,the supplier of hope owns it ,if he has no more hope for you, then he would have taken his breath. He doesn't really like wasting it, you know .

Stay alive , stand up after every fall , take another turn and hope it is the worthy turn.

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Don't loose hope, as long as you are still breathing ,there is still hope.

This means in short that a living dog is better than a dead lion. Thanks for this piece.


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