What is Photosynthesis? I am seriously asking you that.

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In the midst of my usual writer's block, (I think I have abused that word, I say it too much.) , I told someone I didn't know what to write. Then the person jokingly said "Write about photosynthesis!". In the real sense of it, it is a casual joke but if I am to write about photosynthesis, what would I pen down? Can I even remember the definition? If I can not, I can at least say one of its obvious defintion: the one that has more social than scientific implication.

Photosynthesis was the greatest kid grammar out there.

There is another one that says:

Photosynthesis is a mobile app that edits a picture in a very synthetic way.

The last definition seems too off the grid so I am just going to stick to the first one and make it look like, a time will never come in history when someone would ever define photosynthesis like that.

I don't know about now, but as a child every kid's store of complex vocabulary has only one word that sounds like a sentence : Photosynthesis. As soon we begin to learn, photosynthesis loses its space to Osmosis, not for the length, (osmosis is clearly a short word) but in the mind of a toddler , Osmosis should have something to do with Moses and a water hose and since it doesn't , but rather has something else to do with a very non-biblical subject, it begins to gain strong acclaim for that: the word that sounds like Moses Grandfather's name but has nothing to do with the bible.


The only mature picture about photosynthesis on google images

Funnily, I just wrote about photosynthesis in a very enjoyable at my own convenience without ever having to be pressured to do so by a teacher taking assessment , a school mate trying to check my IQ or a parent trying to see if I am wasting their money .

Clap for me, I just defined this great word for the very first time in my life ,I think, without ever saying words like water, chlorophyl and plant's food.

For those that are yet to know what it really means, I might just need to give the proper defintion but is there really anyone capable of reading that is yet to know what Photosysnthesis is.

Photosynthesis is .....

Seriously, it looks like I have forgotten this definition.

Nothing Spoil

Permit me to give the explanatory definition, that kind of definition that somehow saves you from failure when you understand the concept but was too lazy to read after class.

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use sunlight and chlorophyl to manufacture the plant's food.

That is simple but that is the best definition out there when simplicity and ease of defining is put into prioritized consideration.

Permit me to bask in self-glory for a minute. I just defined photosynthesis without putting my finger in my mouth and jacking my brain with a sweaty palm.

Bye For Now, and pray I get inspiration for something more worthy than photosynthesis next time.

Image Source: futureoflife.org


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