The THREE Fragments

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Some people believe each human reincarnates over and over again until the time he or she finally learns the lesson each life time teaches. Is that not cool, maybe it is not cool to you. Here is why it is cool to me. It’s that not it is sounding more lenient than having to loose once and loose forever.

You might say “Once someone dies, there is nothing to regret”. No, I beg to differ. No one truly dies, that is a philosophical piece I am still working on. A soul never dies and even if it does. The spirit stays around for a long while until maybe the world goes into total extinction. Don’t ask me where I got that from, every supernormal activities I know off possibilizes it.

Imagine a character called Greg lives and dies as a failure when he actually had the chance not to be but somehow he blew that chance. He dies and like what I believe might happen, he becomes more-knowing and he finally sees why he messed up. His spirits stays alive forever believing he could have been better but YOLO, you only live once. So , his spirits live forever with that thought of I could have done it differently.

So, you see. According to the unperfected version of my philosophy, a life not well lived gets regretted twice, just before and forever after death. The only way my philosophy might be deemed wrong is if you have a conflicting idea that has enough realistic facts to support it.

So you see living over and over again might just be cool but they say spirits come back but souls don’t while the body dies completely at death.

So you see , here is my advice:

  • Guide your SOUL from eternal extinction
  • Protect your SPIRIT from eternal regret
  • Enjoy your body while it lasts.


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