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Well, I am forced to say I know almost nothing about crypto, except what everybody else seems to know. Beyond the lies, the hype and the personal branding of crypto-preachers, the truth needs to be spoken. It is so funny that among the self-branded crypto-dudes, the future of crypto becomes a big elephant in the room. No one wants to dare it.

Some say some whales (and the government) are manipulating the market, some people don't even say anything like that, they just keep silence over rumors and manipulation. They speak only when the market is high and pretend to be asleep when there is an unexplainable bear in the market.

Maybe there is no manipulation, maybe things are just happening in their own accord. Like some really worthy-of-belief big guns have said, cryptocurrency has possibly reached a maturity and the bubble is bursting slowly, with a hissing sound, back to its original value and state.

Maybe the real intentional or unintentional manipulation happened at the last mooning and what we see now is the reality. It is easier to believe that this is the reality because it is lasting longer without any real sign of ever going back up. They said it was once like this , so that gives us a hope but here comes another November and we practically waited a whole year to see a jump but on what true basis should we expect that , i know of none except the story about the bitcoin futures. Maybe the real future of crypto depends solely on BTC, the adoption rate will have a ripple effect on everything else. I am going to believe that but in the meanwhile, my advice for myself and anyone out there that will take it, is for us to just go about our daily activities as though crypto will always be like this. By so doing, we get to be on the safer side, even if things get back to order or chaos because sometimes, a high price or bull price is chaos in disguise.

Last December was good, but it kept us waiting too long and a lot of people got ruined in the process.


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