Battles Within: Depression

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We live in a world of constant battles, ranging from large wars that claim atomic-bomb size death to battles that eats up a dollar billionaire from inside until he hangs himself.

Of all battles, I am concerned about the later battle I mentioned above. It is called the battle from within or rather that is what I chose to call it. I mean the battles we fight within ourselves, the battles no one knows about until they shed the blood of the carrier. The battle that eats from within, the battles that fight humans with their own hands, the battles in the head, they lack hands, they lack legs but they have it all because they have access to yours.

The warriors in this battles kill every day, they maim people, kill people with their hands and make people miserable by leading them to mistakes, they can not reverse.

These battles grow nonetheless, even if you ignore them. They grow, as though hibernated, in the subconscious, and then they start to reveal themselves slowly through other unforeseen outlets that makes diagnosis through symptoms a hard nut to crack.

One of the ways to win the battles of the within is to speak up. Sometimes, while speaking up, the hearers of our confessions might lack the understanding of proper and appropriate counsel. That is when it becomes imminent to find people who you know had been in similar but won eventually, reach them out and let them mentor you out of these battles. All the same, it pays a lot to read about people who have faced what you are going through. That way, you learn a lot and you don't feel alone or picked on by fate.

Above all things, I believe the right knowledge helps to win over battles like this.

Monsters feed on fear and fear is an emotional smoke that comes from the fire of ignorance. The moment ignorance disappears, the fire dies, fear is nowhere to be found and the monster starves to death or better still leaves. The battlers of the within are monsters too, so starve them by feeding yourself with knowledge as regards what you are going through.

I suggest you get knowledge from where solutions has been found by others. Books are good but confessions from trusted authorities and sources will do more.

Thanks for reading.

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