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I Colluded With A (Bela)Russian Last Christmas

in esteem •  16 days ago

It's a cheap, plastic, point and shoot camera

manufactured in Minsk, Belarus back in the Soviet era. I'm talking about the Belomo Elikon 4

The name is inscribed on the camera in Cyrillic, naturally, so when I first go the camera it took me a while to find information about it online. It finally occurred to me that I could just find a Cyrillic character map online and cut and paste the characters individually to spell Эликон-4.

I took the camera for a spin in London last winter with some Lomography film to see if I cold get some of those dreamy quirky Lomo photos I see around.

The Elikon-4 wont win any photography awards, but it sure was fun to shoot.


The weird colours of the Lomography film and the plastic lens of the camera - and it's tendency to vignette - did create those Lomo shots I was after. It really gave London a moody feel.




I made a video about it if you fancy


Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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Hello @adetorrent 😉 is it a vintage camera? I like the photos though I don't really understand anout photography 😊 so this is purely the result of camera without editing apps?


Yes, it is a vintage camera, using film. So no filters or edits, just the photos were scanned from film so I could put them online.


Yaayy.. it's very old fashioned way 😂 remind me to somewhere around 1998 -2004, where the scanners and internet cafe are everywhere just to have a jpeg file and save it in a compact square disk😊 you must be a good photographer if you can conquered the camera and the result is really cool.


hahaha. thank you. those were the good old days :)


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can I send steem i stead of sbd @dustsweeper?


Yes, you can send both.

Great pictures, lol'd @ the title too.


:) thanks