8 details to see a person's character - Part 2

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Part 1 - 8 details to see a person's character


Respect differences, and be different.

Reliable people know how to respect differences and seek common ground. Don't use your ruler to measure other people's lives, and don't put others' lives on your own Libra.

There are no two leaves the same in this world, and no two people the same. Everyone has their standards of conduct, if not to understand, at least should also learn to respect them.

Good at listening, and empathy.

Good communication is not just a one-way conversation, the other person is also the protagonist of the conversation. If you want to communicate with others, you need to understand and be good at listening to others.

It is human nature to pour out and express our opinions and ideas promptly, which is a kind of responsibility. Taking seriously what others tell you, and knowing how to listen to each other, is the trick of communication, but also the wisdom of life.

Consistent with words and deeds, keep promises.

Life in the world, only keep your word, say it can do it, will win the trust of others.

If a person always says one thing, does the same thing, or flatters the surface, behind the stone, will bring unexpected losses to their own. To be honest, do not easily promise, or do what you say. Those who are consistent with their words and deeds can leave a good reputation and win more development opportunities.

Control your emotions and have peace of mind.

As the old saying goes, "Temper is instinct, control temper is a skill." The control of emotions and peace of mind represents a person's stable heart, rigor, and self-discipline, which can bring people peace of mind and comfort.

Encounter happiness by knowing how to share can make happiness double; If you are angry, control it decisively, or it will only make things worse. A person, control their own emotions, put their mood, and life to win the situation.

Part 1 - 8 details to see a person's character

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