8 details to see a person's character - Part 1

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Tolerant and open-minded, do not haggle over every ounce.

The mind is tolerant, to relax the horizon, and know humility and tolerance, this is the wisdom of communication with people.

A person with a broad mind, in life, will be more understanding, more gentle, and more grace. Life in the world is bad things nine out of ten, often think tolerance, less care, and invisible happiness will be more.

Dress neatly and cleanly.

From the appearance to the inner, is the process between people from acquaintance to an acquaintance. A person's appearance reflects his requirements for self and attitude towards people.

Clean and tidy, dress properly, is responsible for their own life, but also to the years the best modification. Clean clothing is like a pleasant business card. It can make a good first impression and enhance people's sense of trust in you.

Reply in time, everything has a response.

Communicating with people and replying promptly is an important manifestation of treating people sincerely.

Responding on time means that you have considered the other person's feelings and put yourself in the other person's shoes. Even if you want to reject someone, you should also say it clearly and clearly, rather than deliberately pretending not to see it. The attitude of a person to reply to information is the temperature of his human life.

Be discreet and don't peep into people's privacy.

In life, everyone has a helpless secret that can't be said to others. No matter how close the relationship is, it should be kept at a proper distance.

Sense of proportion is one of the signs of maturity. Can understand the difficulties of others, do not hurt the face of others, the bones of their own a kind, worth our contact.

Part 2 - 8 details to see a person's character

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