Free Sigil Offer Experience #4, Part 2

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Encaustic, Collage, Colored Pencil, and Oil on Wood.
11" x 12"

Sigil: Welcome to the present.

The interesting thing about this Sigil is the guy who it's for could not follow directions - first of all by giving me a positive statement of intention, and then because he orchestrated the drawing itself, directing me to have it be a benevolent female presence. The result of this was that I procrastinated on this drawing for weeks... I did not know at all what to do with the Sigil until I called in my guides for a 4-point coning the other day, and it popped into my head to make it into an hour glass.

I still wonder if he is going to ask for changes... this is a barter - in which he came up with a great way for me to talk to people about what I do - not far from what I already do - so that shows I am on the right track - but I just hope he is satisfied with it - and then I have to send it to the UK.

Here's what he gave me in return:

I am going to write something that will cover the lot and you should qualify people by asking them immediately something like “are you familiar with sigil art ?” and then choose what you tell them accordingly.

Q) So what is a Sigil ?

A) A ‘dictionary definition’ would be “an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power.”

Q) Erm right, so what does this actually mean in practice ?

A) It means that you can have your own unique and personal positive intention captured and embedded into an artform.

Q) Why on earth do I want to do that ? I’ve already got my positive intentions and affirmations written down and that’s fine.

A) Great ! It’s good to know that personal intentions are of importance to you. You know the old saying “a picture paints a thousand words” ? Well, we don’t quite need a thousand words but you get the picture ? (pun intended !). And why do you think major corporations pay tens of thousands of dollars just for the design alone of their corporate logo ? It’s because their logo/image conveys so much meaning, it creates a strong impression upon you and puts you in a certain frame of mind - even if you don’t know it or realise it !

Q) Ok, I think I get this Sigil thing now. So, if I take my own personal intention or affirmation, then you can capture the words into an image/artform, and that way I can use it to invoke a positive feeling and energy entirely of my own choosing ?

A) Yep, you got it ! Here’s an example (links on your site to the artwork or physically point them out at events).

Q) Wow, that could be sooo powerful ! It would be really useful because I often write down intentions and affirmations and I do look at them but sometimes they just seem quite ‘dry’, they seem to lose their ‘power’, do you know what I mean ?

A) Yes, I know exactly what you mean. That’s why I combine the wording of your personal desire with intuitive psychic art – it really animates the meaning of the words, it’s really evocative. Far more meaningful than mere words and the limitations of language.

Q) Ok, so you do all the artwork right ?

A) Yes. And I can also help you to form your intention or affirmation if you need my help with that. If you already have that formed then let’s start there.

Q) Sounds good ! So you just produce the artwork once I have confirmed my intention in words ?

A) Yes but I keep you involved every step of the way to ensure it resonates with you. Remember that what I make for you is personal to you and only you, I don’t do the ‘cookie cutter’ approach.

This is the first draft, let me know your thoughts.

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