Initiation into Dream Alchemy - Remembering my True Path

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Dreaming is a huge part of life, and continuously influences life on etheric scales. More often than not people cast off dreams as non-reality, and do not want to acknowledge that there are likely deeper meanings that exist correlating to their waking life. Even though sometimes it seems easier to decipher than others, the symbolism is not usually as direct with it's messages as you might think.

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Throughout my life I have had several recurring dreams. These dream series' are either something to guide my life-path, or of a haunting nature, I will begin with the latter.

When I was a child, I grew up in what many would call an average household that was located in the town where the first two battles of the civil war occurred, Mannasas, VA. I loved growing up in this area in the late 80s and early 90s when there was still a flourishing.forest behind my house. My friends and I spent much of our childhood in those woods, and there is a feeling that existed there (and the house in which I lived) that I have only experienced through one other interaction in my life - enchanting is the best word I can use to describe it, there was a fullness and true sense of community - my first experience with love of life - breathing in the fresh breath of the forest every day. Summer nights were especially enchanting. My friends and I also constructed many forts in those woods that I hoped to show my own children one day, so I was heartbroken when I heard the old farmer that owned them died, and his children sold the forest to a development company - those woods are gone now, and cookie-cutter houses stand in its place.

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Even though the house I grew up in was pleasant, there was a dark presence there that loomed in the basement, and only seemed to be awakened in the late hours of the night. This force was able to infiltrate my dreams in the form of shadow creatures that had slow steps of fright. These creatures were of pure shadow, however still solid in form, and dweled in our unfinished basement until they were ready to march. When they awoke, they accessed my dreams so I could remotely watch them climb our basement stairs, then the main stairs, with each step expelling a chilling thud with screeches. There is no accurate means to translate into words what their footsteps sound like, but it is something similar to the frequency that was picked up by radio telescopes in the movie Contact. Every time I had this dream, at some point when the creatures were on the main staircase, I would eventually realize I was dreaming. When this happens to most people they tend to wake themselves up, but when it happened to me in these dreams, I experienced what is known as sleep paralysis, which felt more like an entity pushing weight on my chest and making it so none of my ligaments could move either. When the creatures got to my room, which is always where they were headed, the point where I found the strength to shake off that which was paralyzing me was when they jiggled my room door handle and the door opened. I refused to let them access me directly - it was a terrifying recurring nightmare to experience at such a young age.

This was my first ever experience with recurring dreams, and I continued to have them the entire time I lived in that home. When my family finally moved across town closer to Woodbridge, the dreams never returned. There were other times I experienced sleep paralysis in this way, including one time in Mineral, VA when I lived in a civil war post office on my friend's property - I even saw a very similar shadow figure in waking reality there with a completely sober head and a witness. That is a story for another time however.

::Fast Forward::

I have been having some trouble remembering many of my dreams in the past few years, and I was beginning to think I wasn't dreaming at all - that all changed when I picked up this Dream Alchemy book by Ted Andrews. Before this book was acquired however, there is one dream I had that is worthy of noting.


Sometime in late March 2019

This dream was focused around my childhood home and the next-door neighbor's house. A couple nights previous, I had been talking about this area, and also felt compelled to look it up on Google Maps, which may be why the area appeared in this dream, but I am not certain of that.


In the dream I seemed to be alone in the house I grew up in, but I could also sense there were people in the neighbors house who I had a strong connection with, so I headed next door. The first friend I ever had as a kid was my next door neighbor, his name was Eddy. In the dream however, he no longer lived there. Instead there was quite a few people in one of the bigger bedrooms upstairs. When I saw them, I only recognized one person, who turned out to be someone who I share my strongest connection with in this waking reality. They all seemed to be watching something, and did not seem to notice I was there.

For a reason unknown to me, I returned to the house I grew up in, with once again nobody there. I then traveled back to my neighbors house, but this time I could sense that many people had left. There was also another person sitting at the kitchen table this time, this is the second person I was connecting with, but it was a different kind of connection. The person was an older lady, not old, but obviously not in my age group, and definitely old enough to be my mother. She had darker hair with a slight bit of curl, and although I recognized her, I had actually never seen her before in this lifetime's waking reality or dream state. As she sat at the table calmly, I asked her "where did everyone go?", which she replied, "I believe everyone left, but (a person close to me - unnamed) is still here". I woke up a short time after this Q & A with no recollection of what happened after that point. I still wonder who that lady is.

A few nights later I went to New Renaissance Book Shop in Portland where I ended up puchasing the dream alchemy book. They were also holding a psychic event next door, and the lady in my dream (or it at least was a spitting image of that person) was sitting outside giving a reading to someone else. I waited there for a while, but it seemed like she was too busy to speak with me, and I did not want to rudely interrupt the reading. I have a feeling I will see her again soon, and when I do, I may feel a little awkward asking "so are you the woman I dreampt about the other night?" There is another psychic event I am attending on 4/20 where I will be receiving a past life reading and having a photo taken of me using Kirlian Photography, which will display my aura in the photograph.

My Old Camero

When I was in high school, I saved up every dime I earned from the first year I started working a job (at age 15 - which was originally two jobs) to buy my first car when I was 17. Unfortunately the Acura I purchased had a bad tire that blew out on an interstate ramp, causing me to spin out and slam into a guardrail head first. As a result, I ended up buying a 96 Camero with the insurance money. I would never buy a car like that now, but I had that car for many years and it played a larger role in my early adult life.

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Another recurring dream I still have to this day involves that Camero. In these dreams, my old Camero will randomly appear on some street, either near where I used to live or where I live now in Oregon. These dreams are also extremely lucid, tricking me into thinking that it is my waking life (I need a totem). Previously, I would find the car in barely operating condition, and would either have no licence plates, or ones with extremely expired tags. It is a pleasant feeling driving a car you used to own, just having a fun car that you find randomly sometimes to do whatever you want in.

As these dreams progressed, I noticed the car would get nicer and nicer. In my most recent dream like this that occurred within the last week, the Camero was in pristine condition with a paint job that looked fresh off the assembly line - definitely much nicer than when I actually owned it. In this dream however, the view out of my windshield was blocked, and I could not see where I was headed (not that it stopped me from driving though haha).

"If you dream of your old car and it is in good condition then this is a dream of moving in the right direction in your life. This shows that your past goals were solid and that your future looks bright. In turn, seeing your old car as beaten down, wrecked, or in need of repair indicates that you should take a look at your current path and see where your goals were based on faulty goals or if you still really want to be headed in the direction that you are on. If you are driving in your old car in a dream, this is your psyche telling you that you need a change in your life" (1).

"The way the car looks and feels in a dream is represented by our own personal perception of life. From a spiritual perspective, the bodywork of a car is associated with how we are perceived by others. The car dream can also indicate that you will be making many visits to others in the future so it suggests 'movement'" (2).

Dream of April 10th, 2019

This one was special. I do not remember the entire dream, but certainly the most important part. I was climbing what appeared to be a Douglas Fur in an old pine forest, and as I got higher up the trunk, a branch surfaced that contained a nest of fairly large sized bird eggs. As I was looking at them, one started to hatch, and I was able to witness the birth of a healthy baby bird. This dream had me intrigued, so I did some research about the symbolism of this and its relation to my waking life.

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"Baby birds generally mean that positive times are on their way. To understand this dream on a deeper level, you need to focus on the general interpretation that both babies and birds represents feeling somewhat helpless in life. The baby bird is associated with freedom in life and belongs to finding a deeper wisdom within. To see baby birds in a nest indicates seeing the whole picture in life. The baby bird can magically appear in a dream when you need to clear the way to see the truth. The baby birds chirping in a dream indicates that things in life are going to fall into place. A baby bird is a symbolism of the childhood that you never had. Birds, in general, indicate a beautiful time ahead and the baby birds denotes a new start and prosperity."

"Dreaming of a newborn baby bird illustrates that great news will soon be yours... If you see a baby bird hatched from an egg then this dream is associated with celebrating today. Baby birds symbolize a new start. The spiritual meaning of baby birds in a dream relates to our liberation and boundaries. The great news is that you will overcome your mental limitations, and will finally feel free and easy. The baby birds are a symbol of progress toward harmony and wholeness. They present your aspirations, deepest hopes, and life goals. The baby birds are a sign of something beautiful about to happen in the near future. You will also experience an unexpected romantic time in the near future. Do you see yourself as a negative person? If you do try to have better self-esteem! The person you will meet will represent purity and innocence to you. You will doubt whether to start a romantic relationship or not because of your past. Let go of your painful memories and allow yourself to fall in love again" (3).

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"Baby birds are a symbol of purity, fragility, innocence, rebirth, life. They represent the purest part of your soul. They are a positive omen and you should be content to dream of baby birds. According to dream psychologists, the baby bird in your dream is a representation of freedom and liberation. There will be no boundaries and limitations for you anymore. You will come to realize the value of life and live each day. The baby birds also present your deepest feelings about being spiritual and a clean karma. Often this dream appears when you have regret in past, especially the times when you’ve hurt people who loved you and trusted in you. Baby birds can represent that you wish to clean your karma but don’t know how. Try with forgiving yourself and doing what feels right in the future. We are all complicated and strange creatures. Our intuition always warns us before we do something negative, however, we tend to ignore it and do it our way. The dream also signifies new plans and goals you will realize very soon" (3).

"To dream of a baby, birds represent the birth of something pure and beautiful in your life. As I have said before, they are a positive sign and denote your deepest feelings and honest wishes. To dream of a birds nest symbolizes safety, home and breaking free. You or someone you know will walk away from ordinary life, and spread your wings towards new adventures. To dream of a cozy nest on a tree with eggs is a representation of unfulfilled dreams and goals. You need to focus more to get what you want in life. According to ancient mythology, the original language of humanity is the language of birds. Those who can decode their language through songs and way of life will unlock the mystery of life. Birds are a sacred symbol in dreams, according to some dream experts. They represent your profound communication with people and your ability to read their mind and deepest feelings. To have a baby bird cross your path denotes a sixth sense. Can you predict other people’s words and actions? This dream reveals your power. Use it to help others, and not to take advantage of their naivety and transparency. To dream of baby birds still in their eggs denotes your big plans and high aspirations. However, you’re not well prepared to handle the success coming along with achieving your goals. You should prepare better for what’s coming. Otherwise, your success will extinguish before you blink" (3).

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What I take from this is that I am realizing a major life ambition that I am starting to understand how to achieve. There is a MAJOR positive change about to occur in my life, that will not only bring about completeness and joy in its highest form, but also prosperity by re-linking with my true path. My biggest aspiration in life has always been to have a family of my own with the right person/people, and raise children on a property that is self sustaining and in the forest (with some clearing for crops and a stream). I have other aspirations that are also important, but this particular aspiration is a personal one, and the most important to my happiness and obtaining completion in life.

Even though I cannot yet see how this will transpire, deep in my soul I can feel that it is already transpiring. In the mean time it is causing an immense amount of anxiety for me and those closest to me, so analyzing dreams like these can be quite therapeutic as a reminder that dreams will come true with enough patience and positivity. I HAVE FAITH IN MY FUTURE AND MY PRESENT. I also know that the stress we are feeling is meant to teach us something important first.

I will follow up with another article that has more details from the dream alchemy book as I read a little further into it. This one is long enough for now.

Remember, you must forge your path and stick to it, no matter how difficult the terrain, or how many obstacles you encounter, there is only one path that feels truly right for you, so travel there. Bring your dreams into this waking reality to manifest a destiny of happiness. These dreams are now grounded in 3D.

Blessings everyone & stay tuning into the right frequencies



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Thank you! It is a lot longer than originally intended... and will require follow ups. This is an intense period of my life.

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