What does esoteric mean to me and how it has influenced my life [Dabbing with a Mage episode 169]

in esoteric •  7 months ago

Esoterica has had an extremely influential impact on my development towards a whole being. From an early age I studied mythology, but after a powerful awakening experience in my early 20s, I began seeking the deeper meaning of things. This is where I find the distinction between exoteric and esoteric knowledge. Join me in today's episode as I answer another @tribesteemup question: What does esoteric mean to me and how has it influenced my life?

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Well explained. I will make my own video for this question and go over 1UP a little bit and what it means for the esoteric community.

thanks for this @alchemage, we have different ideas about what esoteric means, mine is purely based on what rings true to me. I can see how you identify with it and it has had a huge impact on your life too, one thing I really do like about this world we live in is the diversity, the many ways in which we are all so unique in how we see and understand things, yet in the same breath we are all connected xx Always real nice to learn a bit more about you my friend xxx