Promoting erotic fiction: Hiring erotic fiction writers at 5SBD/post.

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Hello all, Aggroed here. If you didn't know I run @lovejuice. It's my bizarre little baby. Believe it or not I've really never loved or read much erotica. I mean, who doesn't love the erotic? But erotic fiction wasn't really my bag. I made @lovejuice originally as an upvote bot, but it got repurposed as a bidbot after HF19 and I've been keen to keep the weirdly sexual connotations, which eventually just turned into erotica. That said, it's been more fun than I originally expected.

Anyway, I don't like to just take from St eemit. I like to give back. I do try to use the money that's generated from here to help minnows and if I'm honest the only cash that I've actually taken out of Steemit was really just rewards from @lovejuice. Anyway, I figure I can have my cake and eat it to. My plan is to accept erotic or sexual posts from authors who are interested, pay them 5SBD for their work, and post it on @lovejuice.

Some clarity: Look, erotica is one thing, but like full on rape fantasies and really dark sexual themes aren't gonna be a good fit. I'm looking for beginner level, low tier, well written smuttyness, but not redickulously over the top. If you're actually fapping to it, then you've gone too far. So, if you think you have what it takes to write a fun, sexy, erotic story then go ahead and submit it to me through Discord preferably by submitting a url. I'll pay you 5sbd for anything I publish, and if I don't publish it go ahead and put it on your wall!

This helps me give back to the community, this helps me raise awareness of this bot, this gives me some fun smut to read, and this gives me a chance to get more lovejuice into the world.

Ok, last thing, lovejuice herself, himself, itself can be whatever you want it to be. Want it to be a man? Go ahead. Looking for a female lead? Find by me. Lovejuice is post gender, or pan gender, or simply angrogenous. Lovejuice can be a human, an animal, a spirit, a whatever. Lovejuice doesn't even have to be a character.

Have fun, write sexy stuff, shoot it over with an image, and keep within a 3-7 on the intensity scale (1 is nonsexual, 10 is you're crying because you're ashamed of what you're reading and it's worse because you're still fapping to it).

I have the right to reject anything I don't like or think isn't ready for a mildly kinky audience and I won't credit your work other than to make a transfer note so that people can see who the authors are that are contributing.

This will be an ongoing thing. It isn't a contest. Just send the post and you'll get 5SBD if your work was accepted.


lovejuice, I am shocked - you are aggroed! How will I ever recover?


"Have fun, write sexy stuff, shoot it over with an image, and keep within a 3-7 on the intensity scale"

How I read it?

Have fun, write sexy stuff, "shoot it over"... :) .....hey wait a minute, I'm not ready yet :D
keep within a 3-7.... what, inch? No problem :)

10 is you're crying because you're ashamed of what you're reading and it's worse because you're still fapping to it

OK, now that was funny LOL. erotic is using a chicken feather; too kinky is using the whole chicken.

I'm debating whether I should do this with a new Steemit account or under my own name; the doesn't need to be associated with out account, right?

And a last question.
Can we submit the Hack URL though a memo to your account here?


Send it to me on steemit chat or discord. the way people will know who wrote it is who I send the money to in a transfer note.

gotcha! thanks for answer.

Okay here is some easy money xD

Sounds fun though i would have to edit my stories big time 😮

Dude, you are going to have all sorts coming out the wood work with this one!
I can't wait to see what naughty tales transpire.
Great idea buddy

Sounds like a job for Lord Pervy!

Haha, I fear he may go a bit too medieval 😂

Where do I sign up? :D
How long should it be? :o XD

Just DM me in Discord with the post. Ideally it's written with

Thank you!
It will take me a couple of days. ;)

@aggroed I have written one. Now I'm trying to find you on Discord, but am not familiar with it. I picked the same nickname as here. Maybe you can contact me.

Check out the @minnowsupport wall. There is a discord link in there you can find me in.

Thank you. :)

Any chance you'll need any imagery? Not that I personally shoot anything risque in nature, but I do like the occasional sensual portrait.

Yes? idk. Every post needs an image. I normally just use pixabay, but if you want you're art included I'll attribute it.

I'll see what I can come up with. Thanks.

Sure, just shoot me a DM.

so you are paying 5 sbd to a ghost writer so you can repost their work and get paid off of it?
What happened aggroed? You use to make original content that people actually wanted to read, this directon you have gone the last 5-6 months is depressing. Did you really lose who you were for some spare change?
why not just resteem people making erotica that you think is deserving? you have to get a cut from it to help "the community"?
you swore you wouldn't change because you became a node/whitness but I haven't seen the old aggroed we all loved in a long time.

IDK I still got love but wtf yo?
What would old agrroed say to new aggroed? I could be wrong but I think old aggroed would be pissed.

you went from satiricly your and meme news to this?????!?!?!?!

wtf yo?

I still run those. I just don't have as much time. I run a 5,000 person Discord group. And while I am at times an asshat it isn't always productive. I've also gone from thinking this is just a shitty blockchain to realizing it's an incredibly powerful tool to spread values that I hold dear: Peace, Abundance, and Liberty.

You'll notice that the folks writing here are usually make 20 cents or so a post, and not getting much recognitiion. I'm giving them 5 SBD. The posts I make on this thing are typically 60 cents. So, I'm not making money off this. I'm giving away the money that I make to minnows, but they get to practice writing, form a relationship with me, and write about some sexy shit.

The old Aggroed may not understand it, but that's ok. I think I out grew him anyway.

I miss him, old aggroed was one of the people I looked up to on this site.

wouldn't a resteem and upvote do the same? I got to belive your upvote at this point is worth a buck or more.

Im drunbk as usual so you can just ignore me but you already know that.

Why the fuck you run a 5k person discord chat? I kinbda wanna call bs on that cause I have seen icq chats with 200+ people and its almost impossible to talk to others. is it an audio chat too? I mean that's kool if that's what you are into but I don't understand wanting to use discord unless gaming and I cant even understand 5k people on it at once.

I think the block chain is a powerful tool I just don't see it getting used for "Peace, Abundance, and Liberty" my perspective on it all has been more that the tool is used for censorsip of ideas the people in power don't like, scarcity to anyone that isn't in the mob of pre opened mining or nodes and the prohibition of ideas on the free market or complete oppsite of liberty whatever that would be calld.

with that said im up in it too, if I didn't have the support I have my shit wouldn't get pay outs either. but in all honesty what I miss is the views and comments. I know you have to miss the 180 views and 98 comments on a post, sure you might have only been making 9 cents back in the day but but the money has always been an after thought for me.

Hope im not being to much of an ass, im really stoked our doing well and getting paid. I just miss the old aggored.

I'm down. It's time "other women" everywhere found their voice. You'll be hearing from me.

1 is nonsexual, 10 is you're crying because you're ashamed of what you're reading and it's worse because you're still fapping to it

Oh my word loving tears, you're killing me!!!

that was a damn good line


Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki article about NSFW. Thanks and good luck again!

I have a submission but I'm pretty new to steemit and not on the discord. I did download but it looked like a gaming thing?? Any other way you can receive? Shall I just post below??