Good little slave

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I felt like writing some erotica and because it doesn't really fit with my website, I am going to share it with you lot for your enjoyment. Warning: explicit sex scenes and some BDSM.

“I think this will complement the outfit perfectly,” Mistress said as she fastened the collar around my neck. The cold steel made me shiver and Mistress slapped my ass lightly. “Stand still when I am finishing your outfit,” she scolded.

She adjusted a few straps on my harness, brushing my exposed nipples in the process, which puckered with desire. Mistress chuckled and when she looked up, her facial expression was one of unexpected tenderness.

“You are going to love tonight,” she said. “And I am going to love pushing you to your limits. You are ready for this.”

I nodded, unable to speak. Excitement and fear coursed through my body, with excitement winning out. Sure, there was fear of the unexpected, but I knew my Mistress would never let any harm befall me. She knew my limits better than I did, and whatever she had in store for me that night would be good. Humiliatingly good.

Mistress clipped the lead to my collar and gave it a tug. I tottered on my high heels, but stayed upright. Mistress nodded her approval.

“Let’s go.”

There would be no speaking for me as Mistress led me out of the room into the hall. Even though I wasn’t gagged, I knew better than to utter a word. The rules were very clear.

Eyes roamed over my body as Mistress led me through the people in the hall. There were very few slaves present tonight, but the ones that were there were covered up far more than me. Not that this was saying much: I wore a harness that encircled my arms, breasts, waist and thighs, but left everything else naked. Men and women alike gazed with naked lust at my breasts, which were pushed up by the harness, the nipples erect. Gazes lingered on my pussy, completely shaved bare. I could feel myself get wet with anticipation.

Mistress led me to a raised dais in the middle of the hall. Suspended from a hook in the ceiling was a contraption of ropes. My eyes widened when I realised what Mistress intended, but I didn’t speak. Mistress led me up the dais underneath the contraption.

“I have chosen my slave for the entertainment tonight. She is strong, healthy and can endure a lot. I set the limits, but you don’t need to be gentle with her.”

She gave me a little push forward so I was in full view of the people in the hall. She grabbed my hands and tied them together. Without speaking to me she unbuckled my harness, letting it fall to the ground. Even though the harness hadn’t really covered anything up, I felt naked when it fell off me.

I was used to roped, as it was Mistress’ favourite way of securing me. I knew what to do, but even so I was surprised at how vulnerable I felt when Mistress had finally tied me up the way she wanted me. She hoisted the contraption higher. I was now suspended in the air, my legs spread, my pussy exposed to all. Mistress turned me slowly and the people in the room came closer to have a good look. Mistress grabbed a flogger from the bag she brought with her and trailed the tendrils over my pussy. I gasped involuntarily at the cool leather brushing my aching cunt.

“She’s wet and horny and ready for a good beating. Who would like to begin?”

The first lashing was always the hardest to take. Especially when the woman wielding the flogger expertly flogged my cunt. Not much, but enough to ensure it was set on fire. Others followed and my breasts, ass and hips all received adequate attention. I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing, but it wasn’t just the pain I was crying about. Every now and then I caught a glimpse of Mistress’ face and the proud look on it was worth it all.

Mistress put a halt to the lashings just as I thought I couldn’t take it anymore. But if I thought I would be let down, I was mistaken. Now it was time for me to be fucked. Every which way and as long as Mistress wanted. She didn’t partake herself, as she wanted to look after me. Orgasm after orgasm was pulled out of me and I could no longer be quiet. I thrashed, cried, moaned and grunted as men and women penetrated me, licked my clitoris, pinched my nipples.

By the time Mistress stopped the proceedings, I was shaken, hardly able to stand. She unbound me and wrapped a blanket around me.

“You were such a good girl,” she whispered as she led me away. “Now let me take care of you.”

I smiled as I stumbled out of the hall into our private room. I had endured all Mistress gave me. Now I would be rewarded by her hands, her tongue and her cock.

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