What You're Not Being Told About This Important Case

in epstein •  last month 

Luke has the latest developments on the Jeffrey Epstein case. Watch the video to find out more!


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Why the camera didn't work in that room that day, there is a simple answer to this, this man was eliminated.

And that's just the beginning. Yet still people call it conspiracy theory and believe the MSM BS 💯🐒

I not look TV :)))

Wise move, don't it only make you fear 💯🐒

Amazing you just couldn't write this ahaha oh they have. And to have Maxwell suddenly out of hiding reading a book on CIA assassinations they are take the piss and it's so easy for them 💯🐒

I'm the one who made this meme. Help me make it go viral.
This is the real TRUTH! All the superstitions and speculations about Epstein stop right here. It doesn't matter what really happened. The truth be told the government that couldn't save Epstein is the same government that says you don't need a gun because it will protect you.

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